Bay City Paranormal Investigations rebooted!

Hey y’all! I have great news. Some of you may remember me saying I tentatively planned to self-publish my Bay City Paranormal Investigations series, which has been homeless since Samhain Publishing closed. Well, it’s happening! I’m releasing book one, Oleander House, back into the wild on Thursday, August 31st as a free title. That’s my plan, anyway. I discovered that I can’t load it early or put it up for pre-order if it’s free, so hopefully the major channels will get it out there timely. I’m probably going to upload the night before just to be sure. We’ll see what happens. It’s all a grand adventure, isn’t it? LOL. I plan to load book two, What Hides Inside, as a pre-order either simultaneously or soon after Oleander House is up, depending on how soon my live-in artist (aka husband) can get the cover done. I’m excited to get these books back out there!

By the way, if you’ve read Oleander House or What Hides Inside before, neither story had really changed. The changes I’ve made are very minor. Mostly just some word choices here and there, although I’ve changed one of the secondary characters in What Hides Inside a bit, and I expect her character to expand and develop more as I re-edit the series down the line, though again it doesn’t really change the main story at this point. Just wanted to let you know so you’d be informed when deciding whether or not to re-purchase 🙂

© Copyright 2nd edition, 2017 Ally Blue

When Sam Raintree goes to work for Bay City Paranormal Investigations, he expects his quiet life to change. But he doesn’t expect to put his life and sanity on the line, or to fall for a man he can never have.

Sam Raintree has never been normal. All his life, he’s experienced things he can’t explain. Things that have colored his view of the world, and of himself. So taking a job as a paranormal investigator seems like a perfect fit. His new co-workers, he figures, don’t have to know he’s gay.

From the moment Sam arrives at Oleander House, the site of his first assignment with Bay City Paranormal Investigations, nothing is what he expected. The repetitive yet exciting work, the unusual and violent history of the house, the intensely erotic and terrifying dreams that plague his sleep. But the most unexpected part is Dr. Bo Broussard, the group’s leader. From the moment they meet, Sam is strongly attracted to his intelligent, alluring boss. It doesn’t take Sam long to figure out that although Bo is married to a woman, he is very much in the closet, and wants Sam as badly as Sam wants him.

As the investigation of Oleander House progresses and paranormal events in the house escalate, Sam and Bo circle warily around their mutual attraction, until a single night of bloodshed and revelation changes their lives forever.

Warning for graphic violence and disturbing dream images.