Love’s Evolution series


The two Love’s Evolution books follow the romance of two very different men from their first meeting through the years as they fall in love, fight, make up, and grow through all the good times and bad times of their lives together.

Book 2: Life, Love and Lemon Cookies

Life,LoveandLemon Cookies72webWhen life hands you lemons…make cookies.

Chris Tucker’s perfect life has just gone up in smoke. The fire that destroyed the best restaurant in Asheville took his head-chef dream job along with it—and the owner is walking away. Sure, Chris still has his beautiful home and blissful marriage to his soul mate, Matt Gallagher. But for the first time in his working life, he’s unemployed and spiraling into depression.

Matt’s trying hard to be supportive, but it’s tough when every time he tries to get Chris to open up, the man shuts down tighter than a live clam. Maybe it’s best to hide his hurt and back off. Yet as Chris’s fruitless search for work wears on, Matt begins to wonder if his lover will ever come around.

As the tension between them reaches breaking point, Chris faces the fact that it could be the end of an era for him and Matt. Unless one sweet idea can turn his mounting troubles into a fresh-cut path back to the arms of the one man who makes him whole.

(Warning: This book contains gay sex, lots of angst, occasional smartassedness, and an abundance of cookies. Ally Blue and Samhain Publishing will not be held responsible for any resulting food-porn habit.)



Book 1: Love’s Evolution

LovesEvolution72LGLove is the journey of a lifetime.

As head chef of The Falls, Asheville’s finest four-star restaurant, Chris Tucker lives by one rule: presentation is everything. That means it’s imperative that he always looks as well-put-together as his complicated recipes.

When it comes to relationships, though, nothing throws a wrinkle in his well-tailored suits quicker than Matt Gallagher.

Matt is the master of his own domain, the Dragon’s Den—the most popular tattoo shop in Asheville. On the outside, his flavor-of-the-month hair color and Prince Albert piercing scream wild child, but on the inside he’s all business. He’s just as serious about his fun, though, and nothing’s more fun than throwing the buttoned-down Chris off his well-ordered game.

Not exactly the pair anyone would expect to become a couple, but sparks fly from their first hello. Yet Chris wonders, as their relationship navigates the rocky path of petty jealousies, sexual experimentation and Matt’s penchant for taking crazy chances, if their love is written in permanent ink, or destined to fall like a failed soufflé.

(Warning: Contains something for every palate: a heaping helping of explicit m/m sex, a dash of BDSM, a side of ménage, and a smidgen of voyeurism. Liberally spiced with wicked language. Y’all come!)




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