Love’s Evolution


Love’s Evolution: the original Love’s Evolution book and #1 in the mini-series.

LovesEvolution72LGLove is the journey of a lifetime.

As head chef of The Falls, Asheville’s finest four-star restaurant, Chris Tucker lives by one rule: presentation is everything. That means it’s imperative that he always looks as well-put-together as his complicated recipes.

When it comes to relationships, though, nothing throws a wrinkle in his well-tailored suits quicker than Matt Gallagher.

Matt is the master of his own domain, the Dragon’s Den—the most popular tattoo shop in Asheville. On the outside, his flavor-of-the-month hair color and Prince Albert piercing scream wild child, but on the inside he’s all business. He’s just as serious about his fun, though, and nothing’s more fun than throwing the buttoned-down Chris off his well-ordered game.

Not exactly the pair anyone would expect to become a couple, but sparks fly from their first hello. Yet Chris wonders, as their relationship navigates the rocky path of petty jealousies, sexual experimentation and Matt’s penchant for taking crazy chances, if their love is written in permanent ink, or destined to fall like a failed soufflé.

(Warning: Contains something for every palate: a heaping helping of explicit m/m sex, a dash of BDSM, a side of ménage, and a smidgen of voyeurism. Liberally spiced with wicked language. Y’all come!)


© Copyright 2006 Ally Blue

Do you really have to go?”

“Sorry, but I do, yes.”

“Can’t you call in sick or something? One of the other chefs can teach the class just this once, come on.”

Chris straightened his silk tie, turned and smiled at his lover, who was naked and tangled in the sheets. Matt stuck his lip out and widened his blue eyes. Chris had to admit he was tempted. He strolled over and kissed the top of Matt’s tousled head.

“I’d like nothing better than to stay in bed with you,” he said. “But you know I can’t miss this class. It’s being filmed for that special ‘At Your Leisure’s’ doing on Asheville.”

“Stupid TV show,” Matt grumbled. He rolled onto his stomach and propped his chin in his hands. “What are you making today?”

“Red wine and dark chocolate fondue, with fruit and angel food cake for dipping.”

“Mm. Sounds good. Can I come watch?”

Chris smiled affectionately at him. Matt was one hot piece of ass, lying there with his ankles crossed in the air and the sweet curve of his butt shining in the morning sun. He always managed to seem both innocent and sexy as hell, with his delicate features and wildly spiked hair he’d dyed cherry red two days before. Sometimes Chris wondered how on earth a cultured and proper gentleman like himself had ended up with a wildcat like Matt.

“Earth to Chris,” Matt said, poking Chris in the ribs.

Laughing, Chris sat on the bed. “Sorry. I was just thinking.”

“‘Bout what?” Matt rose to his knees and stuck his tongue in Chris’s ear.

Chris gave him a playful push. “You. Us. How in the world did we end up together?”

“I brainwashed you into thinking you were in love with me.”

“Funny, I don’t seem to remember that.”

“You’re not supposed to, stupid.” Matt slid his naked self onto Chris’s lap and ran his hands over the dark green silk of his suit jacket. “I like this color on you. It brings out your gorgeous green eyes.”

Chris wrapped both arms around Matt’s waist. “Thank you, I’m happy you noticed. Maybe you’re not a complete fashion disaster after all.”

“What do you mean? I dress good!”

Chris rolled his eyes. “For one of the Sex Pistols, perhaps.”

“What, you don’t like leather?” Matt pressed a light kiss to Chris’s lips.

“It has its uses.” Chris kissed him back and tugged at the silver ring in Matt’s left nipple. “But pants are not, in my opinion, one of those uses. Especially not when said pants are purple.”

“I like purple.”

“I know.” Cradling the back of Matt’s head in one hand, Chris gave him a long, thorough kiss. When he pulled back again, Matt’s eyes were hazed with desire.

“I have to go now,” Chris said.

“Tease. Getting me all worked up then leaving.” Matt snaked a hand down to grope Chris’s crotch.

Chris squeezed his eyes shut and tried to think unsexy thoughts. “Matt, please. This is important to me.”

“I know.” Slipping off Chris’s lap, Matt pushed Chris’s knees apart and knelt on the floor between them. “Your first TV appearance. Pretty exciting.”

Matt had Chris’s trousers unbuttoned in seconds. Chris didn’t try to stop him, though he knew he should. “Not to mention a huge draw for The Falls.”

“You’ll be a star.” Matt grinned as he dragged Chris’s zipper down, click by click. “I’ll be your groupie.”

“Hardly a stretch. You already act like one.” Chris groaned when Matt reached a determined hand into the front of his pants, pulling out his half-hard cock. “Why are you doing this? I’m going to be late.”

“No you’re not.” Matt’s free hand was already tugging Chris’s slacks and underwear down to give him better access to Chris’s privates. “I won’t let you.”

“I can’t do this right now,” Chris complained, contradicting himself by lifting his hips so Matt could pull his pants off. “I’m too tense. All I can think of is the class, and being on television.”

Matt favored him with an affronted look. “Yeah, you’re nervous, and you need to relax a little. Why the hell do you think I’m doing this? For my health?”

“Well…” Chris had definite opinions as to why Matt wanted to suck him off now of all times, and none of them involved Matt suddenly developing altruistic tendencies.

With an irritated huff, Matt wrapped one hand around Chris’s cock and cupped his balls in the other. “Just shut up and try not to obsess for five minutes.”

Chris was on the verge of making an indignant declaration to the effect that he would no doubt last much longer than five minutes. Then Matt’s mouth enveloped him, warm and wet and very, very determined, and Chris wasn’t so sure anymore. Sighing, he let his nervousness slink into the background and gave himself up to the inevitable.

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