Naked Richmond


Available as a standalone ebook, and in print as part of the Razzle Dazzle anthology. Part of Loose Id’s multi-author I Heart That City series.


Hitting Tyron Sebers with his bicycle isn’t intentional, but it does give Eli Rains a reason to get to know the quiet, intense young man he’s been lusting after for weeks. Eli insists on taking care of Tyron, since he is the reason Tyron is injured. Tyron reluctantly agrees, and Eli settles into his role as Tyron’s caretaker.

It isn’t long before their mutual attraction explodes, turning the two from cautious friends to lovers. Eli couldn’t be happier. He’s been dying to get Tyron into bed ever since the first time he saw the man hunched over his laptop in the corner booth at I Heart That City. Maybe with time, he can get past Tyron’s protective shell and learn the secrets he guards so fiercely.

What Eli doesn’t realize is just how dangerous those secrets could be. And this time, what he doesn’t know might get them both killed.



© Copyright 2009 Ally Blue

The hours passed in a blur of beer, chips, laughter, and conversation. In spite of his natural reserve, Tyron blended right in with the friendly, boisterous crowd. Eli trailed after him for a while, lost track of him, and eventually found him in the kitchen as the clock crept to within a couple of minutes of the New Year. He and Eli’s neighbors, Julia and Sandy, were involved in a fierce debate over some computer-related subject. Eli caught something about firewalls and cookies and knew he’d better bust it up before the three of them missed the big moment altogether.

“All right, kids.” Eli strolled up and slung an arm around Tyron’s shoulder in what he hoped was a casual manner. “It’s almost midnight. Everyone’s gathering in the rec room for the countdown. You guys better come on.”

“Oh yeah! Don’t wanna miss that.” Leaning against Eli’s shoulder, Tyron tilted his head back and flashed a wide, mischievous smile. “You’re gonna kiss me, right?”

Shock at hearing his own hopes coming out of Tyron’s mouth had Eli gaping like a fish for a moment. He stared at Tyron while Julia and Sandy nearly fell over each other laughing. It took Tyron’s grin fading into a heartbreaking uncertainty for Eli to shake off his paralysis.

Tightening his arm around Tyron, Eli used his free hand to brush the curtain of hair away from those big, beautiful eyes. “The idea had occurred to me, yes.”

The smile came back, bigger and brighter than ever. Tyron hummed and tucked his head under Eli’s chin. “Good. Been wanting to kiss you forever.”

Eli’s head spun as all the blood in his brain went rushing southward. “Jesus.”

Julia cackled. “Go, Eli! You’re gettin’ some tonight.”

“Well, we’re not gonna be watching.” Grabbing Julia’s wrist, Sandy tugged her toward the kitchen door. “Come on. Let’s get back to the party and let these two have their own private party.”

The women left the kitchen, Julia complaining the whole time that she wanted to watch the two men make out. Eli tilted Tyron’s chin up and searched his face. “Are you drunk? Because I’m not taking advantage of you if you are.”

The fuzzy look vanished from Tyron’s eyes. He stared up at Eli with an intensity that made his palms sweat. “I’m not drunk. And you wouldn’t be taking advantage of me even if I was.”

Eli dipped his head enough to catch the faint, fresh scent of Tyron’s hair. “Please be sure about this.”

“I’m sure.” Tyron raised both arms and draped them around Eli’s neck. The crutches clattered to the floor. “I can’t wait till midnight, Eli. Kiss me, right now, then take me to bed.”

Eli’s knees wobbled. Oh God. Finally. Unable to speak, he cradled the back of Tyron’s head in one hand, wound the other arm around his waist, and fused their mouths together.

Ever since before they’d met, Eli had been thinking of this moment. He’d pictured it in his head over and over. Woken from vivid dreams of it with heart racing and the sheets damp with sweat. The real thing, however, blew his fantasies out of the water. Tyron’s lips were warm and pliant, his slick tongue spiced with bourbon. And God, the sweet, desperate noises he made were enough to destroy any control Eli might have had left.

Ignoring the whoops and shouts of “Happy New Year” from the next room, Eli broke the kiss, swooped down, and lifted Tyron over his shoulder. Tyron yelped in surprise. “What the hell are you doing?”

“Taking you to bed.” Eli adjusted his hold so he wouldn’t hurt Tyron’s knee. “Thought you wanted me to.”

“Yeah, but there’s no need to go all caveman on me.” Tyron squirmed in Eli’s grip, both hands clenched in his shirt. “I can walk; I just need my crutches.”

“I know, but I don’t want to let go of you that long.” Eli gave Tyron’s ass a smack. “Be still.”

A sharp intake of breath sounded from behind Eli’s back. Tyron didn’t say anything, but the iron hardness digging into Eli’s collarbone told him all he needed to know.

Eli considered going upstairs to the master bedroom, but he didn’t think he could make it that far. Instead, he hurried across the deserted dining room, opened the door to the guest suite — currently not in use, thank God — and deposited Tyron on the bed as gently as he could.

He took the time to shut the door and switch on the bedside lamp before turning his full attention to the man he’d been lusting after for weeks. Even with his clothes still on, Tyron looked sexy as hell sprawled across the burgundy comforter, cheeks flushed and lips swollen from kissing. His cock formed a noticeable ridge beneath his zipper. Eli wanted to yank the man’s jeans off, shove his legs apart, and eat him one bite at a time.

The tip of Tyron’s tongue snaked out to wet his lips. “Eli?”

“Yeah?” Eli watched, mesmerized, as that pink tongue traced the outline of Tyron’s mouth.

Tyron grinned. “Why don’t you undress me now?”

Oh, hell yeah. Sitting on the edge of the mattress, Eli shoved Tyron’s sweater up, bent, and sucked one pink nipple into his mouth. Tyron gasped, back arching. Eli drew back with a smile. “Arms up.”

Tyron obediently raised his arms over his head, allowing Eli to pull off his sweater. The minute his arms were free, he started unbuttoning Eli’s shirt. In a matter of seconds, he had it undone and pushed off Eli’s shoulders.

He ran both hands up Eli’s chest. “God, you’re so fucking gorgeous.”

“Thanks.” Planting a hand on the bed beside Tyron’s head, Eli leaned down to kiss him. “And you’re beautiful.”

Tyron let out a tiny whimper. Framing Eli’s face between his hands, he kissed him again, soft and slow. When they eventually drew apart, their lips clung together as if reluctant to let go. Eli could relate. He felt like he could happily spend days on end kissing Tyron. The only reason he forced himself to end it now was the insistent need to get his cock inside Tyron as soon as possible.

Sitting back on his heels, Eli undid the button and zipper on Tyron’s jeans. “Lift up.”

Tyron planted his left heel on the mattress and raised his hips. Eli eased the snug jeans over Tyron’s ass and down his legs, taking care not to get the denim caught on his knee brace. Eli groaned when he found Tyron naked under his pants. His cock twitched and drizzled precum on his belly as Eli watched.

Eli’s mouth watered. Pulling the jeans off Tyron’s legs and tossing them on the floor, he lapped up the fluid pooling just under Tyron’s navel. A low moan rewarded him. Tyron’s fingers dug into his scalp. Encouraged, he moved down to nuzzle Tyron’s balls. The silky-soft, slightly damp skin smelled of soap, sweat, and lust. Eli drew one delicate globe into his mouth and sucked.


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