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The Real Story Safe Sex Project

ParkInTheDarkCover4So, there’s this awesome project going on. It’s called the Real Story Safe Sex Project, and it’s the brainchild of fabulous author Brent Hartinger. Basically, a bunch of gay romance authors (including yours truly!) have written short stories involving fun, hot, SAFE sex. All of the stories are and will forever remain FREE, on as many platforms as possible.

My own contribution is called “In The Park, In The Dark” and it’s now live on Smashwords. As soon as I work out what the trouble is with the cover image, I’ll get the story into their “premium catalog” and over onto the other platforms (Amazon, B&N, iBooks, etc). I’ll also create documents myself for direct download here, as soon as I get a chance. In the meantime, head on over to Smashwords and download it for free in various formats. Enjoy!

Here’s a little snippet to whet your appetite *g* Read more about the Safe Sex Project here.


What’s hotter than the beach at noon in June? Evander and Clark, in the park, in the dark.

Evander didn’t realize he wasn’t alone until after the fireworks ended.

The sound that gave it away wasn’t much—the soft scuff of sneakers on wood, barely louder than the rustle of the marsh grass. But it was enough to tell him he wasn’t the only one watching the show from this out-of-the-way boardwalk. He turned around, putting his back to the railing and his face to his unexpected company.

A tall boy in red board shorts and a yellow Piggly Wiggly t-shirt flashed a wide, bright smile in the almost-dark. “Hey. Good show, huh? But it always is, so no shock there.”

“It was great, yeah.” Since Evander hadn’t exactly made many friends on the island yet, he pushed away from the rail and edged closer to the other boy. “Do you come here every summer?”

Piggly Wiggly laughed. “Naw. I live here. Not far from the library.” He strolled toward Evander, one hand out in front of him. “I’m Clark Delancy. Pleased to meet you.”

“Evander Mercado.” They shook. Clark had a strong grip and adorable dimples in both smooth, dark cheeks. Evander smiled back. “This is my first time here. I’m working at the Mouse Mob resort for the summer.”

Clark’s eyebrows rose. “Yeah? I’m a waiter at San Miguel. We’re practically work neighbors.”

They both laughed. Evander wondered if they’d ever passed one another in the relentless tourist crowds at Shelter Cove Harbor, where Mouse Mob was located. It was a weird thing to consider, that they might’ve been close enough to touch one another before but neither had noticed the other until now, alone in this deserted park, in the deepening darkness of a summer night.

An awkward silence fell. Clark wandered over to the edge of the overlook and leaned on the railing. Evander did the same. He let his elbow touch Clark’s. The contact sent sparks along his skin.

It was daring, for him. He usually moved a lot slower when it came to reeling in a cute guy. But hell, nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?


The Butt Ninjas have arrived!

ButtNinjasFromHell_100dpi_cvr That’s right, folks, Butt Ninjas From Hell is here! You can get your very own copy of these tales of love, adventure and sexytimes from Wilde City Press 🙂

Here’s an excerpt from my Butt Ninja story, Twerk It, for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!


© Copyright 2014 Ally Blue

What happens when a demon slayer goes hunting in Hell? Twerk it, baby.

L’lousche is a minor sex demon with short-shorts, tall boots, a Hell Kitty t-shirt and a magic backside. When he shakes that ass, no soul in Hell or on Earth can resist the urge to sin. Not even the demon slayer who’s supposed to kill him.


He’d swallowed the last delicious bite and was sipping the special satanic brew—orders of magnitude better than anything you could get up top, which was just all kinds of wrong—when a vision of twinky sexiness swayed over to his table on thigh-high black leather platform boots with red flames up the sides and leaned on the closest chair, one slender hip popped sideways.

“Well, hi there, beautiful stranger. Mind if I sit?”

Hugo stared the demon up and down, from the long black and red striped bangs hanging over his ruby red eyes, down the slim dancer’s body clad in a glittering red cropped top with a demonic cartoon cat’s head on it, to the red and black short-shorts barely covering his groin. In fact, now that he looked closer, Hugo saw the shorts were made entirely of mesh, except for a strip of leather cradling the demon-twink’s privates.

The shirt said Hell Kitty.


Hugo smiled wide. “Pretty thing, you can sit wherever you want.”

Those gorgeous lips curved into a smile Hugo wanted to lick. “Oh. Thank you very much indeed.” Pushing away from the chair, Hell Kitty skirted the table and settled his pert rear right on Hugo’s lap.

Hugo figured he shouldn’t have been surprised. Demons loved to pull shit like that.

Not that he was complaining. That was one sweet ass right there. Besides, maybe this little hottie would be willing to help him find L’lousche. As long as he didn’t say why he wanted him, of course. Satan’s minions tended to be protective of each other. Another surprising thing about the netherworld.

Hell Kitty cocked his head sideways and examined Hugo’s face. “I haven’t seen you here before. Believe me, I would’ve noticed.” He touched both tips of his naturally forked tongue to his top lip, eyes gleaming with all sorts of sinful promises.

Goddamn. When he was done with this job, Hugo was definitely fucking this one. Demons were usually, well, demons in the sack, and Hugo was willing to bet Hell Kitty here would be better than most.

“It’s my first time here.” Hugo caressed one round, firm ass cheek with his free hand, resulting in a low hum and an eye-crossing butt wiggle. “I think I like it, though.” He grinned and gave Twinky-Demon’s bottom a squeeze.

The gem-red eyes staring into his went to half-mast. Kitty’s voice dropped low. “I guarantee you’ll like it, handsome.” He rested one almost-too-hot palm on Hugo’s cheek and swooped in for a kiss.

Hugo had never kissed a demon before. Fucked them once or twice. Let them suck him off more times than he could count. Those forked tongues? Oh, Mama. But this was the first time he’d kissed one.

Won’t be the last, he swore to himself as Twinky’s tongue wound around his in ways no human’s could while that luscious bubble butt rocked against his swelling dick.

Christ, he was gonna come right here if they didn’t stop. Lucky for him, you didn’t get in trouble for that in this neck of the woods. Still, coming with his cock up Hell Kitty’s ass would be way more fun than jizzing his pants.

Later, said the part of his brain that wanted the other half of his twenty grand. Work first. Sex later.

Regretfully, he broke the kiss and pulled away enough to meet the sexy little devil’s fuck-me gaze. “Hey, can you help me find somebody that’s supposed to be here? I need to give him a message. Then maybe you and I can find someplace private, huh?”

Demon Kitty smiled a smile busting at the seams with marvelously evil things. “I’m sure I can help you, hot stuff. I know everybody.” He tilted his head and used his devil tongue to tickle the inside and outside of Hugo’s ear at the same time. “Who’re you looking for?”

“A minor demon of sex and mischief.” Hugo ran his hand up kitty boy’s slender back. The heat of the demon’s skin radiated through the thin shirt. “His name’s L’lousche.”

For a second, Hell Kitty’s spine tensed, and Hugo wondered—too late, of course—who exactly he was talking to. Then the crowd erupted into cheers and screams, and Hugo leaned around the sexy thing on his lap to see what the deal was.

A tall, curvy, stunning woman with black hair striped in orange curling down to her black-leather-clad ass stood beside the DJ, surveying the room as if it were her personal kingdom. Which of course it was.

The DJ grabbed his mic in one gilded claw and shouted over the noise. “All right all right all right, demons and damned ones, monsters and ghosts and heavenly hosts, humans and aliens and creatures of all kinds, welcome to Hell’s Belles. Hope y’all’re having the time of your afterlife!”

The throng wooed. Some said yeah. Others hollered no, though they sounded pretty drunk. Hugo kept quiet and enjoyed the show.

The DJ laughed. “We have a very special guest tonight, folks. Satan herself has come to party with us!” He swept a lobster-like appendage toward Satan, who smiled and bowed for the screaming crowd. “And now, we’re gonna play some dance music, ‘cause guess what? Satan said dance y’all!”

A roar like nothing Hugo had ever heard before shook the walls. A dance song several years old thumped from the speakers. It took Hugo a moment to recognize it.

He laughed. Satan Said Dance. Funny.

Hell Kitty swiveled toward him, red eyes glowing in the black lights the DJ seemed to like. “Let’s dance. C’mon.” He hopped off Hugo’s lap and held out a hand.

Hugo knew he ought to say no. He ought to demand that his new friend tell him where to find his mark, then get the hit out of the way before he took this thing any further. But he was starting to get a sinking feeling about this whole business, and dammit, what was wrong with having a damn dance first?

Grinning, he took Hell Kitty’s hand. “We gotta. Satan said.”


Butt Ninjas from Hell – blog tour

ButtNinjasFromHell_100dpi_cvr My fellow authors and I are going on virtual tour to pimp our Butt Ninjas. Be sure to stop by the blogs, read about our stories and comment for a chance to win a prize. Details below. See you around the interwebs 🙂


Butt Ninjas from Hell, coming from Wilde City Press April 16th

Porn stars, holy emissaries, demons, and even just plain humans—ninjas come in all forms and from all kinds of Hell in this erotically charged comedic Wilde City anthology! Whether it’s the world of second-rate television, fluttering ninja stars, obsessions over a bronzy-olive toned soldier, or magic backsides, your authorial guides will take you where few readers have ever dared to go…without protection.

Kage Alan, JP Barnaby, Ally Blue, TC Blue, Shae Connor, Jevocas Green, Kiernan Kelly and Eden Winters bring you…Butt Ninjas from Hell.

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