Dangerous Games


© Copyright 2008 Ally Blue

Pushing his glasses up his nose for the hundredth time that afternoon, Jeremy Driscoll squinted at the makeshift Jeopardy board on the other side of the small stage. “I’ll take Town History for one hundred, Chief P— um, Howard.”

Howard Parrish, Beech Grove’s police chief and MC of the town’s annual charity fundraiser, gestured at the young woman standing beside the board. She peeled the piece of construction paper off the proper spot in the proper category, revealing the question. “All right, kids. For one hundred points, this local women’s rights pioneer was elected as Beech Grove’s first female mayor in nineteen-sixty-seven.”

Jeremy moved fast, but not fast enough. He bit back some incredibly inappropriate language as the boy to his right hit his buzzer first. Again.

Howard grinned. “Zane.”

Zane Houston—the smug, sexy bastard—tossed his dark hair out of his eyes and flashed the movie-star smile Jeremy had been attempting without success to ignore all day. “Who is Chandra Leland?”

“Right you are!” Beaming, Howard mopped sweat from his round face with his handkerchief. “All right, folks, that’s the end of round one. Round two starts in ten minutes. Anyone who hasn’t yet signed up to sponsor one of our brave college students in this event, see Miriam in the refreshment tent during the break and she’ll take care of you. As a reminder, Zane is raising money for Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Chloe is raising money for the local women’s shelter, and Jeremy here is raising money for the Beech Grove free clinic. You can pledge as much or as little as you like per point, and each charity will receive the promised funds. The winner’s charity also gets five thousand dollars generously donated by the Craige family.”

Jeremy grimaced. Five thousand was pocket change to that sour old bat Cassandra Craige and her equally humorless brood. She could easily give ten times that much without even denting her fortune. Jeremy had always imagined she kept her cash piled in a cave beneath that monstrosity of a family mansion the Craiges had called home for about a zillion generations. For all he knew, she even slept in said cave, upside-down with her leathery wings folded around her dried-up body.

He stifled a snort at the image. Beside him, Zane shot him an amused look from beneath that oh-so-sexy black fringe. Jeremy returned the look with a rather frosty one of his own. Zane grinned. Jeremy snapped his eyes forward, fuming inside. Dammit, Zane had sworn he’d behave today.

Should’ve known better.

“There’s lemonade, iced tea and homemade baked goods in the tent,” Howard continued, nodding toward the bright blue canopy behind the folding chairs. “Help yourselves.”

The crowd began to disperse, the buzz of conversation rising to blend with the noises of the town’s Labor Day celebration going on all around them. Studiously not looking at Zane and his sexy hair and scandalously snug jeans, Jeremy spun on his heel and headed for the refreshment tent. It had to be ninety degrees today, and he was roasting in his suit jacket and tie. A nice glass of lemonade would taste pretty good right now.

He made his way through the crowd, smiling and politely thanking those who stopped him to say how nice it was to see young people giving their time to charity. He let out a sigh of relief when he reached the shade of the refreshment tent. Bellying up to the table, he reached toward the nearest plastic cup.

A hand closed around his chosen vessel. Irritated, he looked up to meet Zane’s twinkling eyes. “What the hell are you doing?”

Zane grinned a lazy, crotch-hardening grin. “Getting you a drink. You look like you could use one.” Picking up the cup, he handed it to Jeremy. “Here you go.”

Jeremy took the time to drain the cup before shooting a furtive glance around them. No one seemed to be paying any attention. Taking Zane’s hand, Jeremy led him out of the press of people and into the relative privacy behind a huge oak tree about twenty yards away. “I know what you’re up to, Zane. Just stop it.”

Deep brown eyes widened in a piss-poor attempt at looking innocent. “What do you mean?”

Sighing, Jeremy rubbed at the ache beginning in his forehead. “You are trying to distract me so I’ll lose.”

Zane managed a fair impression of wounded shock. “Babe, come on. Would I do that to you?”

Jeremy gave him a withering look. “Of course you would. You’re evil.”

Zane grinned but offered no comment. He took a step closer, bent his head and drew a deep breath. “God, you smell good. Can I lick your armpits?”

“No,” Jeremy answered with admirable restraint, considering the hard-on pressing against his zipper. ”You may not lick my armpits.”

Another sniff, deeper this time, accompanied by a low groan that had Jeremy biting his lip to stifle the echo that wanted to come out. “Why not?”

“Because I don’t like it. You know how sensitive I am there.”

“If by ‘sensitive’ you mean ‘ticklish like a four year old’, then yeah.” Zane’s arm wound around Jeremy’s waist, pulling their bodies flush against one another. “You’re not the only one distracted, you know. Do you have any idea how fucking sexy you look today, with your suit and that fucking tie? All I can think about is getting your cock in my mouth.”

Jesus. Jeremy leaned against Zane’s wide, warm, slightly damp chest and wished to God Zane’s hips would stop moving like that because the press of their clothed erections against each other was quickly unraveling Jeremy’s control. He squeaked and clutched Zane’s shoulders when Zane’s hand reached between them to rub Jeremy’s cock through his pants. “Zane, I swear to God if you make me come in my pants I will spank your ass raw later.”


Jeremy let out a breathless laugh. “Pervert.”

“Guilty.” Zane’s hand left Jeremy’s crotch to cup the back of his head, tilting it up and sideways for a swift but sizzling kiss. “C’mon, babe. Let me suck you off. Right here.”

It was a bad idea. A really, really bad idea. The more logical parts of Jeremy’s brain knew this. Those parts, however, were currently under the firm sway of more hedonistic parts—brain and otherwise—which had decided that embedding his prick in Zane’s throat must happen immediately. Which was why Jeremy fumbled his pants open and shoved Zane to his knees.

Zane sucked him with typical enthusiasm, moaning as if Jeremy’s sweat-marinated cock was the tastiest thing ever. Jeremy buried both hands in Zane’s shaggy hair, closed his eyes and tried not to think of all the people milling around on the other side of the wide tree trunk. He was so close already, having spent most of the day half-hard from Zane’s stupid sexy flirting. And Zane was so good at sucking cock, he knew just how to twist his tongue around the head, it wouldn’t take him two minutes to get Jeremy off. All Jeremy had to do was concentrate on Zane’s mouth. God, that mouth, so hot and wet and skilled, taking him so deep Zane’s chin dug into his balls.

Teeth scraped against Jeremy’s shaft. His skin sparked, his thighs trembling as the pressure swelled inside him. His fingers tightened in Zane’s hair. Almost, almost…

“Oh, my God!”

For a confused second, Jeremy marveled at Zane’s ability to speak with his mouth full of cock. Then he realized it wasn’t Zane’s voice.

His eyes flew open. Through his fogged-up glasses, he met the stunned gaze of Howard Parrish. He had a frantic split second to wish he had the power to somehow stop himself from coming, then his orgasm engulfed him and stopping became a moot point. He shot down Zane’s throat with the town’s police chief staring at them both in horrified fascination.

Zane swallowed, pulled off of Jeremy cock and rose to his feet, just as calm as if they were back in Jeremy’s dorm room. Grinning like a loon, he tucked Jeremy’s still-twitching prick into his pants, pulled up the zipper and fastened the button. With a wink at Jeremy, he turned and gave Howard a nod. “Hi, Howard. You need something?”

Howard gaped. He shot a glance at Jeremy, turned crimson and looked away. “We, um, we’ll be starting round two in a few minutes. So, uh, come on back. When… when you’re done. I guess.” He stared at the ground for a second, glanced between Jeremy and Zane, then shook his head, turned and walked away.

Jeremy covered his face with both hands. “Shit. Shit, shit, shit.”

Laughing, Zane pulled Jeremy’s hands down and kissed his nose. “Relax, babe. We just broadened Howard’s horizons.”

Jeremy glared up at Zane, trying to ignore the white fluid shining in the corner of his mouth. “Relax? He just saw you sucking me off!”

“Yeah, so?”

“So, we’re lucky he didn’t arrest us for indecent exposure or public sex or something.”

“Well, he didn’t, so what’s the problem?”

Jeremy shook his head. “Honestly, Zane, sometimes I worry about your socialization skills.”

Zane gave him a cheeky grin. “But not my cock sucking skills.”

Jeremy couldn’t help laughing. “Never. Your skills in that particular area are unparalleled.”

“Damn right, they are.” Zane framed Jeremy’s face in his sweat-and-cock-scented palms. “Give me a kiss before we go back.”

Smiling, Jeremy slipped both arms around Zane’s waist and tilted his face up. Zane’s mouth covered his, tongue sliding inside to give Jeremy a taste of his own spunk. Jeremy opened his mouth wide and relaxed into Zane’s familiar embrace. When Zane kissed him like that, the rest of the world had a tendency to vanish for a while.

By the time the kiss broke, Jeremy felt nearly calm enough to face the crowd again without feeling like they’d all somehow know he’d just had his brains sucked out through his prick. He brushed the damp fringe from Zane’s eyes. “We need to go back.”

“I know.” Pulling away, Zane took Jeremy’s hand and laced their fingers together. “First, I have an answer for you.”

Jeremy gave him a curious look as they started toward the stage. “An answer?”

“Yeah. The answer is, Zane Houston.”

“Um. That’s you.”

“No shit, Sherlock.” Zane squeezed his fingers. “So what’s the question?”

Frowning, Jeremy studied Zane’s flushed face. “Zane, are you all right? Do you need to lie down or something?”

“Wrong, both times.”

“Okay, I give up. What’s the question?”

Zane shot him a sweet sidelong smile. “Who loves you, baby?”