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Because I know y’all want to know, right? Right. So here’s what on Ally’s release calendar, and what she’s working on right now.


Samhain books

During the years they were open, Samhain Publishing was home to the majority of my books. Most of those books are no longer available. Some I have re-released as self-published titles; I have plans to self-publish more. I’ve already re-released The Happy Onion as a self-pubbed title, and I’m in the process of self-publishing the Bay City Paranormal Investigations series. After that, I plan to self-publish the Mojo Mysteries series, which (for those who don’t know) is sort of a spin-off of BCPI. My plan is to start the new, self-pubbed Mojo Mysteries series with Love, Like Ghosts, which was originally a BCPI-related novel. I think that’s appropriate, since Love, Like Ghosts begins the relationship between Adrian Broussard (son of Dr. Bo Broussard in the BCPI series) and Greg Woodhall, the couple at the center of the Mojo Mysteries series.


Wilde City stories

I only had three short stories with Wilde City Press, which has closed. I’ve pulled my stories from Wilde City’s infamous Butt-thology books together into an anthology which I’ve titled Loose Storieswith adorable cover art by my talented hubby, Brent Brown. It’s live and available for purchase through all the usual channels.


Loose Id books

After about thirteen years as one of the go-to e-publishers, Loose Id is closing its doors in May of 2018.  They were my very first publisher: the first to believe in me and give me a chance. They’re a class act, and I’ll miss them. I’m not sure what’s going to happen to the books I still have with them: Forgotten Song, Easy (ebook only), and Naked Richmond. Honestly, I’ll most likely just let them go permanently out of publication, but I’m not sure. We’ll see.


The Night Orchard

Gay Southern Gothic horror/romance, set in L.A. (Lower Alabama). Involves a commercial pecan farm and a centuries-old Creek legend tangled up with a family secret. Intrigued? I damn well hope so.

The completed manuscript is currently being shopped to agents. I’ve had some interest, so I’m hopeful. It’s not even possible to exaggerate how important this is to me.



Original working title was Carl Stays In the House, because one of my main characters is named Carl, and I’m a Walking Dead fan from day one. Well, mostly. We won’t talk about season seven, or how much I’d love to punch Negan in the face to to make him STFU.

Anyway. This started out because I wanted to write a short horror/romance aimed at the Gone With the Dead collection which was supposed to be debuted at the Romantic Times convention in May 2017. I mean, as a lifelong fan of horror, how how could I not, right? But, as so often happens to me, I started on it and it instantly wanted to be something longer and more complex. So here I am with a novel instead of a short story.

Update 2/2/18: the book is done, other than a bit of spit and polish. It’s sort of odd. Kind of sci-fi, kind of horror, very much spec-fic. Not really romance at all even though there’s a solid romantic relationship at the heart of it. Now if only I knew what to do with it…

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