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Because I know y’all want to know, right? Right. So here’s what on Ally’s release calendar, and what she’s working on right now.




The Night Orchard


Gay Southern Gothic horror/romance, set in L.A. (Lower Alabama). Involves a commercial pecan farm and a centuries-old Creek legend tangled up with a family secret. Intrigued? I damn well hope so.

Update 2/4/17:

Okay, I’ve been working on this thing for-freaking-EVER. I know. Sorry. But, I’ve finally gotten to the point where I’m nearly finished. As in, I have like two more scenes to write before I bully my critique partners & beta readers into reading through it and telling me honestly what they think. I mean, I’ve written a couple of other novels while I fiddled around with this one, so I kind of have an excuse for taking a while. Right?

Anyhow, once I get it all spiffed up and ready to go, my plan is to pimp it out to agents and see if I get any hits. I’ll let y’all know. Believe me, if somebody wants to represent me, the whole Eastern seaboard is going to hear me squee about it.


Carl Stays In the House

Yeah, this is a working title at this point. Because one of my main characters is named Carl, and I’m a Walking Dead fan from day one. Well, mostly. We won’t talk about season seven, or how much I’d love to punch Negan in the face to to make him STFU.

Anyway. I’m writing a short horror/romance aimed at the Gone With the Dead collection to be debuted at the Romantic Times convention in May. I mean, as a lifelong fan of horror, how can I NOT write for that? If my little tale isn’t accepted, I’ll self pub it. This thing is WAY too fun not to share.

Speaking of RT, if you’re going to be there — or even if you’re simply in the Atlanta, GA area in early May — come see me! I’ll be signing three of my Riptide Publishing books — Down, The Secret of Hunter’s Bogand No Small Parts — at the big public book signing on Saturday, May 6, 2017, at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Atlanta, 11 am to 2 pm. Please come on out if you’re in town, I’d love to meet you!

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