Snow Plowed


Starring Adrian and Greg from Love, Like Ghosts and the Mojo Mysteries series.

Those books are no longer available due to the closing of Samhain Publishing. However, all the related free stories will remain up on my website. Hope y’all enjoy!



© Copyright 2010 Ally Blue


Greg Woodhall slept through the first hours of the Valentine’s Day Blizzard of two thousand and sixteen. By the time he woke up, it was almost one o’clock and the world outside was shrouded in several inches of fluffy white.

In his defense, it was Sunday. What sort of self-respecting college student got out of bed before noon on Sunday? Especially on Sundays that happened to follow closing nights of incredibly successful plays.

Greg pushed up onto one elbow and looked around the apartment. “Adrian?”

No answer. Greg snorted a laugh. His boyfriend of over a year now, Adrian Broussard, had been up as late as him the night before, fucking him into an altered state of conciousness. Yet Adrian had evidently gotten up early and gone to the library.

Again. For the third weekend in a row.

Important project or not, that was just wrong.

Adrian on a physics high was a scary, scary thing.

The muffled tones of ‘Seasons of Love’ drifted from the floor beside the bed. Greg leaned over the edge of the mattress, dug through the pile of discarded clothes until he found his jacket, fished his phone out of the pocket and thumbed it on. An alert from the school scrolled across the screen—a winter storm warning. It was the second repeat of the warning today. Eight to ten inches of snow expected. A lot for Chapel Hill.

“Crap.” Greg hit the quickdial for Adrian’s number. Knowing Adrian, he’d probably ignored the alert when it came over his iPhone. Hell, he probably hadn’t even looked out the window yet. Maybe he’d pay attention to the ringtone signaling Greg’s call.

Or not, Greg thought when he got shunted to voice mail after six rings. He shook his head. “Adrian, does it ever worry you that you’re not even twenty-three yet and you’re already turning into the absent-minded professor? I’m getting dressed and heading over there to drag your abnormally science-obsessed ass back home before you end up getting stuck at the library and dying of starvation or something. I hope you realize what a sacrifice it is for me to get out of our nice, warm bed on an absolutely perfect lying-in-bed day like today. Call me if you get this message before I get there. Maybe I can wait for you naked in bed instead of trudging through the goddamn snow like a crazy person. Love you.”

Grumbling under his breath, Greg ended the call, kicked free of the covers and started pulling on last night’s jeans. The idea of going out in the cold held zero appeal, but as he saw it, he had no choice. There was no way in hell he was leaving Adrian at the library long enough to get stuck. If they were about to get snowed in, they were damn well getting snowed in together. Preferably here, where they had food, TV, plenty of lube and a bed. He pulled on the Bay City Paranormal Investigations sweatshirt Adrian had left crumpled inside out on the chair last night and went to the closet to find his waterproof hiking boots.


Outside, the snow had already piled up higher than Greg had figured. Six inches, at least, and still falling thick and fast. Greg trudged as fast as he could, but it still took him significantly longer than usual to reach Davis Library. He slogged through a drift to the automatic door, called it a string of colorful names when it failed to open—as it frequently did—shoved it open with his hip and stumbled into the welcome warmth of the library’s vestibule. He stomped the snow off his boots and brushed it from his knit cap before pushing through the next doorway into the first floor.

The check-out desk to his left was unmanned. The staff must’ve been sent home early because of the storm. Which meant getting Adrian out of here was going to be even harder than anticipated, since he wouldn’t be able to check out any books. He wouldn’t have come here in the first place if the books he needed were accessible through the library’s online portal.

“Crap on a stick.” Greg pulled his gloves off and stuffed them in his jacket pockets on his way to the elevator. Now that he was here, the sheer size of the place hit him like it did every time he came here. Just his luck that Adrian’s current project required books from the biggest library on campus instead of the much smaller math and physics library.


Adrian’s favorite spot to work was the eighth floor by the window, as far as possible from the elevators. It’s quiet, he claimed. For his own part, Greg had to wonder why Adrian wanted a spot with windows when he never removed his nose from his books long enough to look outside, but whatever. At least it gave Greg a place to start looking.

The elevator opened as soon as Greg pushed the button, and he rode to the top floor alone for the first time ever. The doors dinged open to an empty hallway. Greg shook his head as he strode past the shelves toward Adrian’s favored study spot. It wouldn’t surprise him if the two of them had the whole eighth floor—hell, the whole library—to themselves. Who besides them was crazy enough to come here in a damn snowstorm, anyway?

Sure enough, he didn’t pass a single soul on his way to Adrian’s corner. He had a nasty moment when he didn’t see Adrian’s dark head over the top of the booth-style enclosed desk and thought Adrian wasn’t there after all. Then he saw Adrian’s scuffed and battered boots crossed at the ankle beneath the desk. He let out a relieved breath.

Bounding the last few feet, Greg leaned his elbows on the narrow shelf that topped the desk’s wooden backing. He grinned when Adrian looked up from his typical hunched-over-at-least-three-books study posture, deep brown eyes wide with surprise and cheeks oddly pink. “Hey, Adrian.”

“Hi, Greg.” Slipping his hands out from under the desk—why were his hands under there?—Adrian leaned forward to peck Greg on the lips. “What’re you doing here? I expected you to stay in bed all day and rest, as hard as you’ve been working on Alice lately.”

“That was indeed my plan. But since you didn’t answer your phone when I called, I figured I’d have to come fetch you before you got yourself stuck here.”

Adrian’s brows drew together in obvious confusion. “Huh?”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought.” Greg let out a longsuffering sigh. “Look out the window.”

Adrian twisted around to look. His jaw dropped open. “Holy shit.”

“Uh-huh. There’s a winter storm warning. I got an alert on my phone right before I came over here, and there was another one from earlier too.”

Frowning, Adrian turned back to Greg. “I didn’t get either one.”

“Bet you did.” Greg snatched Adrian’s phone off the desk where it lay and turned on the display. Sure enough, both alerts popped up one after the other, along with an alert for Greg’s call. Greg held up the phone, and laughed at Adrian’s sheepish expression. “I keep telling you, if you’re gonna silence your phone, at least put it on vibrate and stick it in your pocket or something so you know when someone’s trying to contact you.”

“I know, I know. I was busy.”

“When aren’t you?” Putting the iPhone back on the desk, Greg gave Adrian’s sleeve a tug. “Come on, let’s go. Nobody’s in here but us and I don’t want to get locked in if the school decides a snowstorm is a good reason to finally close Davis for a while.”

Adrian pinned him with a stare intense enough to make him shiver inside. “We’re alone in here? You’re certain?”

“Well, I didn’t search every floor or anything since I figured you’d probably be up here, but I know for a solid fact that no one else is on this floor right now.” Greg searched Adrian’s flushed face with a dawning suspicion. “Adrian. You weren’t studying just now, were you?”

Adrian blushed crimson. He hunched his shoulders. “Um…”

Greg snickered. “I knew you loved physics, but this is ridiculous.”

“Greg!” Greg held up both hands in response to Adrian’s glare. Adrian ran a hand through his hair. “I couldn’t stop thinking about fucking you last night while you were wearing that damned Mad Hatter top hat. I couldn’t get anything done because I just kept on thinking about it and getting more and more turned on, and there didn’t seem to be anyone else nearby, and, well…”

He didn’t finish the sentence, but Greg thought he could work out the rest for himself. He grinned. “Well, I didn’t know you had a kink for library sex, but what the hell. Wanna do it?”

Adrian blinked up at him. “What?”

“Do you.” Greg poked Adrian’s chest with his forefinger. “Want to fuck me.” Greg splayed his palm over his own heart. “In this library?” He gestured at the vast empty space around them. “Unless you already came in your pants. Did you?”

“No.” Adrian glanced around. “Seriously?”

“Why not?” Greg raised his eyebrows. “Don’t sit there and tell me it’s not okay to fuck in here when you were just now jerking off right there under cover of…” He leaned over in an attempt to read the topmost of Adrian’s pile of books upside down. “Something about the connection between quantum mechanics and philosophy. Good grief, no wonder you’re wound so damn tight.”

Laughing, Adrian pushed his chair back and rose to his feet. “And you talk too much.”

Ironically enough, Greg couldn’t find the words to refute that claim, because Adrian’s black jeans hung open, sagging low on his slender hips, and his cock jutted out from the gap in the fabric.

His hard cock. The shaft vibrated just slightly with the force of his heartbeat.

Oh my God, he really was jerking off. Greg swallowed.

Adrian skirted the desk and snaked an arm around Greg’s waist. “I don’t guess you brought any lube.”

Shoving a hand in the front pocket of his jeans, Greg closed his fingers around the little trial-sized bottle he’d hoped would still be there and held it up with a triumphant smile. “Yes.”

“Wow. I didn’t expect you to actually have any. But I’m glad you do.” Adrian’s lips curved into an amused smile. “Do you ever go anywhere without it?”

“Hey, I had this in my pocket last night, in case we needed it at the theater. I just happened to put on the same jeans as last night to come over here.” Greg curled his free hand around Adrian’s prick. “Shut up and fuck me now.”

A familiar fire flared in Adrian’s eyes. He buried his hand in Greg’s hair, knocking the knit cap to the floor, and kissed him deep. Greg yielded with a helpless moan. He flung his arm around Adrian’s neck, the lube still clutched in his hand, as Adrian backed him into the nearby window. Electricity sparked along his skin. It was always like this with Adrian, his psychokinetic energy creating a chaos of sensation that scrambled Greg’s brains and set his blood to a high simmer.

Greg loved it. Loved the wildness of it, the tang of danger that flavored the air like ozone after a too-close-for-comfort lightning strike.

Adrian drew back enough to pry Greg’s fingers off of his prick. “Turn around.”

Even through the lust fogging his mind, Greg knew what that meant. He handed Adrian the lube then spun around and planted his palms on the icy glass. He shot Adrian a desperate look over his shoulder. “Hey. Use your mojo, huh?”

Grinning, Adrian nuzzled behind Greg’s ear. “You are so kinky.”

The feel of Adrian’s cock lodged hot and hard between his ass cheeks made it damn hard to talk, but Greg managed. “Three words, Adrian. Electric. Nipple. Clamps.” He wiggled his hips, just for the lustful little noise Adrian made when he did it. “Oh no, I forgot “tequila”. Four words, then. My bad.”

Adrian groaned. Greg snickered. Adrian plus unaccustomed amounts of liquor times persuasive mutual friends who wanted to go to the porn shop equaled fun ways to blackmail Adrian for life. Not to mention really sore nipples, once Adrian finally took off his new toys long enough for Greg to play with them for a while.

“Next time, I am clamping those damn things onto some of your more tender body parts.” Before Greg could think up any coherent respone to that ‘threat’, Adrian tilted Greg’s head sideways and kissed him. “Fine. Whatever you want, like there was any doubt of you getting your way. Can I touch you this time?”

Greg considered. There was something incredibly hot about being undressed by an invisible force while Adrian stood just out of reach and stared at him in smoldering silence. On the other hand, he loved it when Adrian used his psychokinesis to strip him while caressing his bare skin with both hands.

“You can touch me.” Greg’s voice emerged in a rough whisper. He arched backward to rub his cheek against Adrian’s. “I love it when you touch me.”

“Me too.” Adrian slipped both hands beneath Greg’s sweatshirt. The zipper of Greg’s jacket undid itself as Adrian ran his free hand over Greg’s belly. “Jacket off.”

Greg managed to squirm out of the jacket without Adrian having to move back more than a step. Adrian kicked the garment out of the way, and Greg gave it no more thought. What little brainpower he had left was focused on the purr of his jeans unzipping, followed by the friction of the worn denim dragging over his hips. All while one of Adrian’s hands toyed with Greg’s left nipple and the other held the lube bottle pressed to his right side just above his hipbone.

A hot, buzzing energy enfolded Greg’s cock. His knees buckled. Only Adrian’s arms around him kept him upright. He sucked in a harsh breath. “Christ.”


Adrian sounded as charged up as Greg felt. He nodded. “Fine.”

“Good.” The crackling sensation around Greg’s cock intensified. He whimpered, and Adrian chuckled in his ear. “Can you stand up if I let go?”

Smug bastard. He was, even if he had a point. Greg braced his palms against the window once more and spread his legs until the jeans scrunched around his thighs stopped him. “Yeah. Hurry up.”

Soft lips brushed Greg’s temple in a tender kiss. Adrian’s arms fell away, though his breath still tickled the back of Greg’s neck. Greg heard the lube bottle click open. A moment later, it closed again. An echoing thump announced its fall to the floor. Two slick fingers penetrated him, working lube into his hole, and he let out a low whine.

“Adrian.” Greg curled his fingers against the window glass when Adrian pushed an utterly unnecessary third finger inside him. “C’mon, I don’t…Just…C’mon!”

To his irritation, Adrian laughed. “I know you don’t need it. I just like to play with your ass.” His fingers twisted, delved deeper and nailed Greg’s gland just right to draw a sharp cry from him. Leaning forward, Adrian nipped Greg’s earlobe. “So. You ready?”

Greg had to try twice before he croaked out a hoarse yes. He could feel Adrian’s fingers sliding in and out of his hole, Adrian’s cock warm and rigid against his butt, Adrian’s power arcing over and around and through him, and God, the assault on his senses all but destroyed him.

Adrian’s fingers eased out of Greg’s ass and his cock drove in to the root, impaling Greg in one swift stroke. He let out a cry that reverberated around the empty room. “Ah! Fuck. Adrian.”

“Right here.” Adrian’s voice trembled against the shell of Greg’s ear.

Planting one hand on the window beside Greg’s and keeping the other locked onto his hip, Adrian slid his prick partway out. He stopped there for an endless second, with only the head of his cock inside Greg, then thrust in again so slowly Greg lost patience and pushed back against him.

Adrian let out a tiny gasp as his cock sank deep into Greg’s body. His fingers tightened on Greg’s hip. His next thrust came harder, faster, rougher, and Greg was glad. He locked his elbows and rocked his hips, reminding Adrian of how he liked to be fucked. As if Adrian didn’t already know.

Adrian got the message. After that, Greg’s world spiraled down until nothing mattered but Adrian pressed tight against his back, fucking him deep and sweet and panting in his ear while the snow turned the world outside into a whitewashed blur.

Through the haze of his own rising need, Greg felt the familiar electric throb of Adrian’s energy build until it nearly cut off his breath, and he knew Adrian was close. Peeling one hand off the glass in front of him, he reached back to fist it in Adrian’s hair, turned his head and kissed Adrian hard. “I love you,” he whispered into Adrian’s mouth.

That did it, just like it always did. Adrian thrust hard twice more, stilled and came, a quiet keening sound bleeding from his slack lips. After a moment, he took his hand off the window and wrapped it around Greg’s cock. The brief shock of cold against the sensitive skin swiftly dissolved in the overwhelming heat of Adrian’s power, which crackled out of his palm with renewed focus. Greg moaned, helpless as ever under the combined physical and psychokinetic caresses.

He came with Adrian’s fingers gripping his prick and Adrian’s cock still buried inside him. His cries bounced off the windows, the metal shelves full of the books and especially the uncarpeted floor that magnified every single sound before throwing it back, but he couldn’t be bothered to care. He leaned against Adrian’s chest and let the orgasm thump through him.

When his release began to ebb, all his strength went with it. He sagged in Adrian’s arms. Adrian pulled out of him with a soft hiss of intaken breath and sank to the floor, taking Greg with him. “Are you okay?”

“You know I am.” With a grin he knew was loopy as hell, Greg squirmed until he sat at Adrian’s side, with his legs thrown across Adrian’s lap and his head pillowed on Adrian’s shoulder. Ignoring the ticklish sensation of fluid leaking from his hole, he cuddled into the curve of Adrian’s arm with a happy sigh. “Damn, I love it when you use your mojo on me like that.”

Adrian’s laugh vibrated against Greg’s cheek. “I know. I love what it does to you.” Stroking the hair from Greg’s brow, Adrian pressed a kiss to the damp skin there. “I wish we could stay here like this all day. But the snow’s piling up out there. We should clean up our mess and get out of here.”

“Yeah, I guess.” Greg cupped Adrian’s wet, sticky privates in one palm. “Want me to lick you clean?”

“Yes.” He grabbed Greg’s shoulder before he could dive in to start the clean-up process. “But I am absolutely not letting you do it here. We’ll both get carried away and end up having sex again, and we can’t do that.”

“Aw, c’mon.” Greg gave Adrian’s balls a gentle squeeze. “You know you wanna.”

Adrian shook his head, the stutter in his breath the only indication that what Greg was doing had any effect on him. “That’s beside the point. We can fuck at home.” Prying Greg’s hand off his genitals, Adrian scrambled to his feet. “Come on, let’s clean up and go. You can lick whatever you want later.”

Grumbling, Greg took the hand Adrian held out to him and let Adrian help him stand. He snickered when he saw the little puddle on the floor and the white streaks on the window. “Oops.”

“No kidding.” Adrian hauled his jeans up from where they’d slipped down around his thighs, then reached over to fish in the pocket of his jacket, which hung on the back of a chair. He brought out two wadded-up tissues, which he handed to Greg. “Here. You can use those to clean yourself up. I’ll go get some paper towels from the bathroom.” He strolled off with a smile, his naked prick still hanging out of his unzipped pants.

Greg watched him until he rounded the corner of the shelves. Laughing quietly, Greg mopped the worst of the semen from his skin and tossed the tissues into a nearby trashcan. He pulled up his jeans, buttoned them and carefully zipped up, then pulled on his jacket. He couldn’t quite believe he and Adrian had just fucked right there in the open, in the college library. Adrian especially would’ve been shocked at the very idea not so many months ago. He’d always been a sensual person under that geeky, physics-loving exterior, but he’d turned into a true sexual adventurer in the time he and Greg had been together.

Greg liked to flatter himself that he had something to do with that change, just as Adrian had brought out Greg’s more romantic side. In fact, just last week they’d been talking about Valentine’s Day, and—

The realization of what today was struck like a baseball between the eyes, and Greg groaned. “Oh, fuck me blind.”

“Again? Good Lord, you’re insatiable.”

Greg turned to see Adrian walking toward him with a handful of damp paper towels. He took a couple and knelt to clean the floor. “Do you know what today is?”

“Sure. It’s Valentine’s Day.” Adrian scrubbed at the drying spunk on the window. “I made reservations for us at that new Italian place in Raleigh, but I guess I’ll have to cancel. Doesn’t look like we’ll be driving anywhere in this storm.”

Stricken, Greg sat back on his heels and stared up at Adrian’s calm face. “Oh my God. I totally forgot. I didn’t do anything. I didn’t even get you a card!”

Adrian threw away his paper towels, reached for his jacket and shrugged it on. “It’s not a big deal, Greg.”

“But you made reservations at a hot new restaurant, and I didn’t do anything.” Greg stood and threw the used paper towels in the trash with more force than was strictly necessary. “I know it ought not to be a big deal, but dammit, I can’t help feeling kind of inadequate here.”

“Greg. No.” Slipping his arms around Greg’s waist, Adrian pulled him close and kissed him until the tension ran out of his body. When the kiss broke, Adrian kept him locked in a firm embrace, their foreheads pressed together. “Listen to me. I like having an excuse to take you out to nice places, sure. But I don’t need some made-up greeting card holiday to tell you how I feel, or to know how you feel about me. I love you, more than anyone or anything in this world. And I know you feel the same.”

Greg’s breath caught. He nodded. “Yeah, I do.” Framing Adrian’s face between his hands, he captured those sweet, perfect lips with his. “Hey, I have an idea. When we get home, let’s get naked, watch movies and eat microwave dinners in bed.”

Adrian laughed. “Sounds like the best Valentine’s Day ever to me.”

“I know, right? I’m brilliant that way.” Smiling, Greg drew back, took Adrian’s hand and laced their fingers together. “I’d rather spend all day in bed with you than go to a million fancy restaurants anyway.”

Adrian didn’t say anything, but the tender shine in his eyes was answer enough. They headed for the elevator hand in hand.