Fireworks Fantasy


Starring Sam and Bo from the Bay City Paranormal Investigations series.

Those books are no longer available due to the closing of Samhain Publishing. However, all the related free stories will remain up on my website. Hope y’all enjoy!


© Copyright 2008 Ally Blue

“There’s a spot.”

Bo Broussard squinted in the direction his lover, Sam Raintree, was looking. “Where?”

“Under that tree by the water.” Sam hooked an arm across Bo’s chest and pulled him close, pointing with his free arm. “See?”

Bo saw this time, but with Sam so near it was hard to concentrate on things like finding a spot from which to watch the upcoming fireworks show. He leaned back against Sam’s solid heat and drew the man’s sunshine-and-sex scent deep into his lungs. “Yes. I see it now.”

Sam chuckled, his breath warm against Bo’s ear. “So, should we grab it before someone else does? Or would you rather go find a more private spot for a little while?”

Desire flared in Bo’s belly. God, but Sam did things to him no one else ever had. Just the sound of his voice was enough to make Bo weak in the knees. It was intoxicating, and more than a little embarrassing. Sometimes he wondered if their relationship would ever become familiar enough to quell this constant need.

Probably not, he thought, fighting the urge to arch against Sam’s fingers where they brushed his nipple through his T-shirt. Almost a year after their first kiss, the hunger that kiss woke in him hadn’t faded one iota. If anything, it had grown stronger, fueled by a love deeper than Bo had ever thought he could feel.

A warm palm cupped Bo’s chin, tilting his face back and sideways. Sam smiled. “Bo? What do you think?” The heat behind the laughter in Sam’s gray eyes made it pretty clear what he thought Bo was thinking. Not that he was wrong.

Bo craned his neck enough to plant a kiss on the corner of Sam’s mouth. “I think we should go sit before I’m forced to drag you off behind a building somewhere and fuck that evil smile right off your face.”

The evil smile widened. “We have plenty of time. Fireworks won’t start for another couple of hours.”

The idea was tempting, but there was no real privacy here at the marina where the fourth of July celebration was being held. No matter where they went, the chance that someone would see them was high.

Bo stubbornly ignored the tiny inner voice whispering about what a turn-on it would be to fuck where they might be caught any minute. He didn’t want to hear it.

“Let’s go get our spot before someone else does.” Turning in Sam’s embrace, Bo nuzzled behind Sam’s ear. “When we get back to the hotel tonight, you can ravish me like I know you want to,” he whispered. “You can even spank me, if you like. For making you wait so long.”

Sam groaned, the sound low and rough, and Bo grinned. He’d surprised himself and Sam both a couple of months before, when he’d asked Sam to indulge his long-secret fantasy of being spanked. Discovering that Sam liked it just as much as he did was a huge relief.

Of course, the down side to that revelation was that the kinkier parts of his brain had become increasingly vocal. Lately, he’d been plagued by fantasies he never would have allowed himself to imagine not so long ago.

Like public sex. He pushed the thought to the back of his mind and hoped Sam wouldn’t catch on.

“Your ass is so getting it later,” Sam murmured, sliding out from behind Bo and taking his hand.

They made their way through the crowd to the patch of shade across the walkway from the water’s edge. They’d just settled side-by-side on the blanket Sam had brought when something tugged Bo’s braid. Twisting around, he looked up to meet Dean Delapore’s wide, teasing grin. “Hey, guys.”

Speaking of forbidden fantasies. Bo stifled a groan. For reasons he couldn’t fathom, Bo had found himself wondering lately what it would be like to be with Sam and Dean at the same time. One in his mouth, one in his ass, both taking him without mercy…

“You want to join us?” Sam asked, smiling up at Dean.

Panic and anticipation churned together in Bo’s belly for one nova-bright moment before he realized Sam was merely inviting Dean to sit with them. He licked his lips. “Yes, Dean, please do.”

“’Kay, thanks.” Dean plopped onto the blanket beside Bo, lifted his sunglasses to perch atop his head and fixed Bo with a mischievous look. “So. Come here often?”

To his mortification, Bo’s cock hardened when Dean’s bare shoulder brushed his clothed one. He was painfully aware of being sandwiched between Dean and Sam. Dammit, why did this keep happening? Why couldn’t he shake this stupid fantasy?

He nearly jumped out of his skin when Dean laid a hand on his shoulder and twisted around to peer into his eyes. “Bo? You okay?”

Bo forced himself to meet Dean’s worried gaze, but the smile he conjured was anemic as hell and he knew it. “I’m fine, just… It’s hot out here. That’s all.”

Hot. The heat of Dean’s palm on his shoulder, of Sam’s arm sliding around his waist. Heat almost strong enough to sear right through his T-shirt and brand his skin.

Christ, I’m going crazy.

“I’m feeling a little dizzy,” Bo said, the whirling in his head lending an authentic quaver to his voice. “Think I’ll just lie down for a minute.”

Frowning, Sam lowered Bo onto his back and leaned over him with brows drawn together. “Bo, you look pretty flushed, are you sure you’re okay?”

Bo reached up to touch Sam’s cheek. “I’m fine. Really. It’s just the heat, plus you know we, um…” He dropped his voice, though he wasn’t sure why. “We didn’t sleep much last night. I’m a little tired.”

“The seizure meds are probably contributing to that.” Dean leaned over so that his head nearly touched Sam’s and gave Bo the searching look that meant he was in medical mode. “You haven’t even been taking them two months yet. Your body’s still adjusting.”

Bo tried without success to not imagine Sam and Dean kissing. “Yes, you’re probably right. Um…”

“Just lie there and rest for a while.” Dean patted Bo’s belly, sending waves of gooseflesh over his skin. “You won’t miss anything.”

Before Bo could find his voice, Sam bent and kissed his lips, then his brow. “Dean’s right. Rest.”

Smiling, Bo ran his fingers through Sam’s sweat-damp hair. “Yes, sir.”

He felt the faint growl rumble through Sam’s chest, and had to bite his tongue to force back the groan that wanted to come out. God, he loved that possessive sound. He waggled his eyebrows at Sam, who laughed out loud. “Behave,” Sam ordered, giving Bo’s nipple a pinch through his shirt. “Or you’ll be getting that spanking right now instead of later.”

Bo felt his face heat. Dean snickered. “Can I watch?”

Sam pointed a finger at him. “You behave too.”

“Or what, you’ll give me a spanking? Promises, promises.” Dean winked at Bo.

Jesus, they’re going to kill me. Doing his best to tune out whatever suggestive things Sam and Dean were saying, Bo shut his eyes.

When he opened them again, full night had fallen. The crowd had thickened, becoming a forest of legs all around him. Green and gold light flashed across the black sky. Hot on its heels came a loud boom.

Evidently the fireworks show had started. Bo frowned. It seemed like he’d only shut his eyes a moment ago.

“Must’ve been more tired than I thought,” he muttered to the leaves swaying over his head.

Rubbing his eyes, he sat up and looked around. His mouth fell open when he saw Sam and Dean sitting on the other end of the blanket, limbs entwined and crotches pressed together, doing their best to remove each other’s tonsils with their tongues. Both were naked, swollen cocks sandwiched between their bare bellies.

To his shock, Bo felt not a twinge of anger or jealousy. Normally, he couldn’t help the faint stab of insecurity he felt whenever Sam and Dean smiled at each other. He figured that was normal, considering their history. He’d always thought he’d be furious if he caught them kissing like this, even without the naked-and-clearly-turned-on part. It surprised him that all he felt was a lust so strong it threatened to choke him.

Before he could come up with a single thing to say or do, Sam and Dean broke their kiss and turned identical beaming smiles to him. Disentangling themselves, they both crawled over to him. Sam pushed him gently onto his back again, grabbed the hem of his T-shirt and pulled it off. Bo felt Dean’s hands tugging off his shorts and underwear.

Bo squeaked when a hot, wet mouth closed around his prick. Dean. Oh, my God. He stared up into Sam’s eyes. “Sam. What—“

Sam laid his fingers over Bo’s mouth. “Shhhh. Don’t talk.”


This time it was Dean who interrupted him, letting go of his cock and moving up to plant a hard kiss on his lips. “We want to make you feel good, Bo. Let us, yeah?”

At that point Bo couldn’t have answered if his life depended on it, so he just nodded. Dean grinned, kissed him again and shimmied down to suck his right nipple. Bo groaned and arched into the touch. Sam’s hand curved around the inside of his left thigh, stroking the sensitive skin there while his tongue probed the pulse point in Bo’s throat.

“Oh God,” Bo breathed when two hands closed around his shaft, squeezing and stroking. The world lit up red and white for a moment, accompanied by cheers and whistles, almost as if the crowd and the fireworks and the whole fucking universe was celebrating the fulfillment of Bo’s most closely-held fantasy. He let out a breathless laugh, one hand caressing Dean’s neck and the other tangled in Sam’s hair.

When both men pulled away and urged him onto hands and knees, he obeyed gladly. He didn’t know why this was happening, or why none of the strangers surrounding them seemed to notice, but he wasn’t about to question it. The whole thing felt surreal. Magical. His gut told him if he studied it too hard, it would vanish, and he didn’t want to lose this one chance to let his inner hedonist have its way.

Kneeling on all fours, the night air cool on his heated skin and multi-colored radiance illuminating the trees and the people and the starry sky, Bo wondered if he’d fallen into another world, and how long he would be allowed to stay.

A rigid, leaking cock swayed into view inches from his face. It wasn’t Sam’s. He tilted his head back to meet Dean’s simmering gaze. Smiling, Dean wrapped a hand around his erection and cupped Bo’s chin in his other palm. The smooth head of his prick brushed Bo’s lips. Bo opened his mouth, and Dean’s cock slid inside. Bo shut his eyes and swallowed Dean down to the root.

Dean groaned, his fingers digging into Bo’s hair. Behind him, Bo felt Sam’s prick nudging his hole, then the quick pain of penetration followed by the familiar, wonderful pressure of Sam’s cock filling him up. He moaned around his mouthful as Sam gripped his hips and started thrusting hard and fast, just the way he liked it.

Bo had no idea how long they fucked him, taking him in a perfect simulation of his recent fantasies. For all he knew, he’d always lived this way, on hands and knees with one cock down his throat and another up his ass, two pairs of hands stroking his naked skin, two lust-rough voices telling him how beautiful he was, how perfect, how much they loved fucking him. Bo felt as if his consciousness was expanding, blossoming under the touch of two men who loved him in different ways. When they came at the same time, crying out in stereo and filling him with liquid heat, Bo felt like a god. He lapped up the bittersweet taste of Dean’s semen, clenching his anus around Sam’s cock to keep it lodged deep inside him.

Bo didn’t realize he was still hard until Sam and Dean had both withdrawn from his body. Only when they laid him on his back once again and stretched out on either side of him did he notice the throbbing ache in his crotch. Without a word, they spread his legs wide, each hooking one of his thighs over their hips. Dean’s hand closed over his cock, while Sam’s fingers delved into his ass. Two sets of warm, damp lips pressed tender kisses to his neck, and Bo started to think he’d died and gone to the heaven in which he’d never believed. He felt the impending release burning in his belly, and moaned.

“Come, baby,” Sam whispered.

“Come for us,” Dean echoed, leaning up to kiss Bo’s lips.

Dean’s grip on Bo’s cock tightened, Sam’s fingers delved deep to nail Bo’s gland, and Bo couldn’t hold out any longer. He came hard, spine bowing as he painted his chest and belly with his seed. The shout torn from his throat was drowned out by a thunderous explosion overhead. The world lit up in rainbow colors.

“I love you,” Sam murmured, nuzzling his cheek. “So beautiful, Bo. Bo…”

“Bo! Wake up, the fireworks are starting.”

Sam’s voice sounded sharper somehow. Clearer. Bo frowned. “Hmm?”

Dean’s full-throated laugh sounded from somewhere above him. “C’mon, Sleeping Beauty. Rise and shine.”

Bo opened his eyes, sat up and blinked until his vision cleared. Everything looked different. A horde of people stood around him still, but the sky had brightened to a clear indigo behind the arcs of glittering light from the fireworks. Sam knelt on his right and Dean stood to his left. Both were fully clothed. Apparently they’d dressed again in the few seconds he’d had his eyes shut.

They’d dressed him as well, he realized, staring at the T-shirt and shorts which had magically replaced themselves on his body.

Dean dug the toe of one sneaker into Bo’s leg. “I think he’s still asleep, Sam.”

Bo blinked up at him. “Huh?”

Chuckling, Sam slipped an arm around Bo and hauled him to his feet. “You fell asleep, Bo. I wouldn’t have woken you, but I knew you wanted to see the fireworks, so…”

“No, I’m glad you did.” Bo yawned and rubbed his eyes. A rocket hissed into the sky and erupted into sparkling silver stars. He shot a surreptitious glance at Dean while Sam was grinning at the show overhead. “So. I’ve been asleep all this time?”

“Yeah.” Sam raised a brow at him. “Must’ve been having a hell of a dream, too, judging by the sounds you were making.”

“I was making sounds?”

“You were.”

“Moaning.” Dean gave him a lecherous grin. “It was hot.”

Bo dropped his head into his hands. “Oh God.”

Grabbing both of Bo’s wrists, Sam pulled his hands down, leaned close and kissed his nose. “Don’t be embarrassed. We’ve all had those kinds of dreams before.”

“So what were you dreaming about?” Dean asked, sticking his hands into his back pockets.

Sam pulled Bo into his arms, Bo’s back against his chest. “I’d like to know that too.”

Bo relaxed into Sam’s embrace, his hands splayed over Sam’s, and studied Dean’s red-and-gold-lit face. Part of him wanted to tell them what had just happened in his dreams. Another, larger, part wanted to keep it to himself.

The second part won. This experience was his, and his alone.

“Sam,” Bo said. “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”