Oleander House


Bay City Paranormal Investigations Series book 1: Oleander House.

Oleander House72webPutting his life and sanity on the line—for a man beyond his reach.

Sam Raintree’s experience with things he can’t explain isn’t the only reason his new job as a paranormal investigator is a perfect fit. His coworkers, preoccupied with things outside the norm, will never notice he’s gay.

Once he settles into his first investigation at Oleander House, his gay-by-stealth theory goes out the window. Not only is his unexpected attraction to group leader Dr. Bo Broussard painfully obvious, he can’t hide his increasingly erotic and frightening dreams stimulated by the house’s violent history.

Though Bo conceals his sexuality behind a wedding ring, mutual attraction shrinks the wary distance between them until the sparks ignite an electrifying encounter. Next morning, Bo’s back in the closet and blaming his “lapse” on the house’s unusual effect on Sam’s latent psychokinetic ability.

In other words, a poltergeist made him do it.

Sam’s outrage feeds a determination to prove Bo wrong—until the heat of conflict opens a door to the house’s murderous past, unleashing a torrent of bloodshed and life-changing revelation.

(Warning: This title contains explicit male/male dream-sex, cross-dimensional electromagnetic theories (mmm, that’s hot!), intense violence, and language graphic enough to wake the dead.)



© Copyright 2006 Ally Blue

Bare skin, hot and smooth, slick with sweat. Blunt fingers digging into his chest, strong thighs pressing against his hips.

Sam couldn’t see the man who straddled him in the humid darkness, but he could feel him. He could hear his grunts, smell the musk of his arousal. The man’s ass contracted around his cock, burning hot and almost painfully tight. Semen spurted onto Sam’s chest and he came with a shout…

His own soft cry woke him. He lay gasping in a tangled nest of damp sheets, trying to blink away the lingering shreds of the dream.

“Christ,” he whispered. He’d had erotic dreams before, but none this vivid. A faint scent of sweat and sex still perfumed the air and he could almost feel the man’s hands on him, the fierce heat clutching his cock.

His hand wandered beneath the waistband of his boxers before he realized what he was doing. He gave in to the inevitable without a fight.

Sam stared at the ceiling as he slowly caressed himself. Motes of dust turned lazily in the morning light, hazy forms swirling tantalizingly in and out of existence. If he let his vision blur just a little, Sam imagined he could see his dream man taking shape in the soft glow. Tall and slender, dusky skin and dark liquid eyes, black hair falling like a silky cloud over one broad shoulder.

Sam wasn’t surprised. Whether or not Bo been the dream man, he could certainly star in Sam’s waking fantasies. Sam came after a few hard pulls, picturing his prick in Bo’s mouth.


* * * * *


The table was already set and Bo was just bringing a plate of biscuits and a bowl of gravy out of the kitchen when Sam came down to breakfast. “Hey, Sam.” Bo smiled as he set the dishes of food on the table. “Sleep okay?”

“I did, yeah.” Sam managed to meet Bo’s eyes without blushing, but he couldn’t help letting his gaze slide down Bo’s body. “Looks good. The biscuits, I mean,” he added hastily.

“They are,” David said, wandering in from the kitchen with a large blue mug in his hand. “Coffee’s on, if y’all want some.”

“Did someone mention coffee?” Amy came through the dining-room door, Andre yawning behind her. “Mmm, biscuits and gravy.”

“Good.” Andre patted his stomach. “I’m hungry.”

Bo laughed. “Everybody sit down and dig in. I’ll get the coffee.”

“I’ll help you,” Sam offered.

He followed Bo into the kitchen, looking around him to keep himself from staring at Bo. “Wow, the kitchen’s smaller than I would’ve thought.”

Bo nodded as he started filling coffee mugs. “Back when Oleander House was built, the cooking was done outside, in a separate building. The kitchen was added during renovations in 1902. They didn’t place quite the same importance on a big kitchen as we do now. Grab the cream out of the fridge, would you please?”

“Sure.” Sam opened the small portable refrigerator they’d brought with them and took out the pint of half-and-half. “There anything about this place you don’t know?”

“Probably. But it wouldn’t be for lack of trying, I’ll tell you that.” Bo handed Sam two fragrantly steaming mugs. Sam took them, tucking the carton of half-and-half under his arm. “Thanks for helping with the coffee. I appreciate it.”

Sam had to look away from Bo’s face. It was too easy to imagine he saw things that he knew couldn’t be there. “No problem.”

In the dining room, Sam handed a mug to Andre and set the carton in the middle of the table. He sat down and took a sip from his own mug. “Where’s Cecile?”

Amy wrinkled her nose. “Still sleeping, I guess.”

“No, I’m up.” Cecile swept into the room, narrow nose in the air. She eyed the table with undisguised disdain. “Isn’t there anything else to eat?”

“There’s some granola and fruit in the kitchen,” Andre said, reaching for another biscuit, “but you don’t know what you’re missing if you don’t have some of this.”

Cecile smiled a tight, little smile. “Oh, I’m sure I do. Excuse me.”

David shook his head at Cecile’s back as she went into the kitchen. “Christ almighty, that woman’s enough to put you off your feed.” He turned and fixed Bo with a serious look. “We’re doing the outbuildings today, right?”

“Yes,” Bo confirmed, pouring gravy over a third biscuit.

David nodded. “Pair me up with Cecile.”

Amy’s eyebrows shot up. “Funny, I’d gotten the feeling you didn’t much like her.”

“I don’t. Thing is, I want to keep an eye on her. I’m not sure she’s for real.”

“No kidding.” Andre leaned over the table and lowered his voice. “Carl Gentry must be nuts if he really believes she’s psychic.”

“Maybe,” Bo said. “But we have to work with her, whether anyone likes it or not. You know that was Mr. Gentry’s condition for letting us do the investigation rather than someone else. He wanted his own psychic present.”

“Psychic, my ass,” David grumbled. “She’s no more psychic than this damn table.”

Cecile’s emergence from the kitchen stopped the conversation from going any further. She sat as far as she could from everyone else and started nibbling at the banana and small bowl of granola cereal she’d brought.

“So,” Bo said after a couple of uncomfortably silent minutes. “How’d everyone sleep?”

“Terrible,” Cecile complained. “All night long, spirits were trying to communicate with me. I’d like to find a way to make them speak to me when I’m awake and better able to understand them.”

“That’s, um, interesting.” Bo shot an amused glance at Sam, who stifled a laugh. “We should set up video and audio in your room and see what we get.”

Cecile’s pale cheeks flushed. “I’d rather you didn’t.”

“I’ll just bet,” David muttered. Sam lifted his mug to cover the grin he couldn’t stop.

“I would’ve slept okay,” Amy said, “but Andre kept waking me up.”

“It was just a couple of bad dreams,” Andre insisted. “Sorry I woke you.”

Amy laid a hand on his arm and kissed his cheek. “Honey, you know I don’t mind about that. But I think it’s significant that you’re having these dreams here, in this house. You don’t normally have nightmares.”

Bo leaned his elbows on the table and gave Andre a considering look. “Want to tell us what you dreamed?”

“I don’t remember it all that well. All I can remember for sure is feeling like there was something waiting in the house, and it scared me.”

Sam frowned. Andre was lying, he was sure of it, but he couldn’t figure out why. It made him more eager than ever to find a few minutes alone with Andre to compare notes.

Bo sipped his coffee, dark eyes thoughtful. “Anyone else have strange dreams, or any other experiences during the night?”

“Not me.” David scooped the last bit of gravy off his plate with his finger. “Slept like a rock.”

Sam just smiled when Bo glanced questioningly his way. The thought of telling everyone what he’d dreamed made his guts clench. The dream he remembered, anyway. Vague memories and scattered images floating on the surface of his mind told him that the dream that had woken him hadn’t been the only one.

“Okay.” Bo’s gaze lingered on Sam’s face just long enough to make Sam squirm. “Only Cecile and Andre experienced anything unusual during the night, right?”

Everyone nodded. Sam ignored the way Bo’s eyes narrowed at him. “All right. Any strange experiences—dreams, seeing or hearing things, anything at all—please report it to me or Amy.”

Noises of affirmation echoed around the table. Amy shot one last worried look at Andre, then turned to the rest of the group with a smile. “If everyone’s done eating, let’s get the dishes cleaned up then meet back in the library to go over last night’s tapes.”

“Sounds good.” David jumped to his feet and started collecting dirty dishes. “Great breakfast, as usual, Bo. You’re gonna make us all fat. I don’t know how Janine stays so hot, with you doing all the cooking.”

Bo laughed. “Hey, I try to keep my family healthy.”

“Yeah,” Amy chimed in. “He saves the artery clogging for us.”

Bo shook his head. “Okay, let me get the dishes cleaned up, then we’ll meet back in the library and get everything set up for today.”

“Aye-aye, cap’n,” David said, grinning. “Sam, why don’t you go on ahead with Andre. Y’all can get the equipment set up and he can show you the procedures we use to screen several hours’ worth of video. I’ll help Bo get the cleaning done, won’t take us ten minutes.”

“Okay, sure.” Sam resisted the urge to turn and look at Bo as he followed Andre out of the dining room.


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