Hello, readers. Due to the closing of Samhain Publishing, most of my series books are no longer available. Hopefully this will be a temporary situation. I want to see all of these books re-published, either by me or by another publisher. I’ve begun this process with the BCPI series (see links below). Thanks for your interest! Stay tuned…


Bay City Paranormal Investigations Series

  • book 1: Oleander House
  • book 2: What Hides Inside
  • book 3: Twilight
  • book 4: Closer
  • book 5: An Inner Darkness
  • series related: Where The Heart Is
  • series related: Love, Like Ghosts

Hellscape Series

  • book 1: Hell’s End
  • book 2: Hell On Earth

Mojo Mysteries Series

  • book 1: Demon Dog
  • book 2: A Ghost Most Elusive
  • book 3: Myth Adventures

Mother Earth Series

  • book 1: Dragon’s Kiss
  • book 2: Shenandoah
  • book 3: Convergence

Love’s Evolutions series

  • book 1: Love’s Evolution
  • book 2: Life, Love and Lemon Cookies

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