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Ally Jumps Into Self-Publishing

Yep, you heard right. I’ve taken my three homeless short stories (from the closing of Wilde City Press) and created an Ally-only anthology called Loose Stories. It’s already up on Amazon. I’ve loaded it on B&N and Kobo, though it’s not live yet, and am trying to work out how to get it on iTunes. I’m also planning to load it on Smashwords. So, hopefully it’ll be available on all the major channels soon. These little stories are nothing heavy, just fun, sexy romance with their own odd twists. Hope y’all enjoy!

 A demon, a cowboy, and a villain walk into a book. And live Happily Ever After.


A demon with a magic butt and a price on his head.

An interplanetary cowboy with the most valuable plot of land in the galaxy.

A designated Villain who only wants to make people happy, if he can get away with it.

Meet these characters—and the special men who learn to love them—in Loose Stories, a collection of three crazy, funny, surprisingly sweet tales of suspense, adventure, and romance.


These stories have been previously published in three separate multi-author short story anthologies. They are collected here together for the first time.

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