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Love, Like Ghosts (Mojo Mysteries book 1)

Love, Like Ghosts (Mojo Mysteries series book 1) is now available for purchase from all the usual vendors. Yay! For those of you who remember, this book was first published back in 2009 as the last book in the BCPI series. Now, I’ve decided that it’s going to start off the new and improved Mojo Mysteries series! I love this book (and my boys) and I’m excited to have it back out in the world 🙂

Truth. Lies. A century-old mystery. What a tangled web…

At age eleven, Adrian Broussard accidentally used his mind to open a portal to another dimension. Now, ten years later, he’s successfully harnessed his strong psychokinetic abilities. In the process, he’s learned the lessons which have become the guiding principles of his life. Absolute truth. Absolute control. Always.

Sticking to his personal code of ethics has never been a problem, until two chance meetings—one with a hundred-year-old ghost, one with a handsome, living man—turn his orderly existence upside down.

Having grown up in a family of paranormal investigators, Adrian is intrigued by the spirit of Lyndon Groome and determined to solve the mystery of his death. Greg Woodhall, however, affects Adrian in unpredictable ways. His touch challenges Adrian’s hard-won control over his abilities, and his company becomes a light in Adrian’s lonely life.

As the mystery surrounding Lyndon’s death turns sinister, Adrian’s relationship with Greg deepens into something serious. Something Adrian wants to keep. But intimacy isn’t as easy as honesty, and when the heart’s involved, the line between right and wrong becomes as vague as a ghost.

Copyright 1st edition © 2009 Ally Blue

Copyright  2nd edition © 2019 Ally Blue