Starring Dean and Sommer from Where The Heart Is.

This book is no longer available due to the closing of Samhain Publishing. However, all the related free stories will remain up on my website. Hope y’all enjoy!


© Copyright 2009 Ally Blue



“What time is it?”

Forcing his eyes open, Sommer lifted his left arm and squinted through his sunglasses at his waterproof watch. “Two fifty-eight.”

Beside him, Dean let out a groan. “Crap.”

Grinning, Sommer tucked his arm behind his head and peered at the turquoise water of the Gulf of Mexico lapping at the white sand beyond the deck of their rented beach house. “I’m so glad you talked me into coming to Orange Beach for spring break.” He glanced over at Dean, who lay stiffly on the other lounge chair, naked except for a tiny towel covering his groin. “Aren’t you glad we’re here, Dean?”

Dean glared over the tops of his shades. Sommer laughed, shifting on his lounge chair. He peered up into the bright blue sky. It was warm for April, and they’d already been out here on the deck nearly an hour, on top of the time they’d spent on the beach that morning. He didn’t want Dean’s fair skin to burn. Maybe he should call an early end to Dean’s punishment. Just take him inside, spread him out on the bed and make love to him like he’d been dying to do all day. Or bend him over the kitchen counter and fuck him raw the way Dean loved him to.

Then he remembered Dean’s gaze zeroing in on that woman’s breasts earlier, remembered the lustful gleam in those beautiful eyes—a look that by rights belonged only to him—and decided it could wait a little longer. It wasn’t like Dean hadn’t known exactly what he was letting himself in for, after all.

Sommer was pretty sure Dean had waited until he knew Sommer was watching before ogling the woman. No, ogling was too mild a word. Leering was more like it. Shamelessly leering, as if he’d like nothing more than to remove the woman’s bikini top with his teeth then apply his mouth to the anatomy beneath. If she’d seen him looking at her like that, she’d either have propositioned him or punched him in the face, it was that obvious.

Dean wasn’t stupid. If he’d just wanted to look at a beautiful woman—or man, for that matter—he could’ve easily gotten away with it without Sommer noticing. He’d done this on purpose, no doubt about it. They’d only been together a few months, but Sommer had already figured out that Dean possessed a mile-wide creative streak when it came to inventing reasons for Sommer to “punish” him.

Pushing to a sitting position, Sommer leaned over to grab the sunblock from between the two lounge chairs. “Time to re-apply.”

Dean let out an honest-to-God whine. “Not again.”

Sommer arched an eyebrow at him. “Don’t make me bring my paddle out here.”

Dean’s towel gave a violent twitch. He let out a tiny, distressed sound. Sommer stifled a smile with a monumental effort. He’d known all along that Dean enjoyed a little slap and tickle. But who’d have guessed the possibility of being caught at it in public excited him so much? Last night, Sommer had bent Dean over the deck railing and spanked his bare ass fiery red for the sin of leaving a wet towel on the bathroom floor. There’d been a party going on in the house next door, about twenty yards down the beach. The light hadn’t reached their own deck, no one from that house could possibly have seen them. Still, Dean had come in less than two minutes, without a hand ever touching his cock.

Of course, Sommer realized he couldn’t paddle Dean now, no matter how tempted he might be. Dean wasn’t allowed to come for another half hour.

Sommer rose to his feet, readjusting his prick inside the snug Dr. No-style swim briefs Dean had sweet talked him into wearing. He hadn’t intended to sit here with a hard-on himself all afternoon, but it was turning out that way. “All right, sweetheart. You know what to do.”

Muttering what Sommer figured were not very nice things under his breath, Dean slid his legs off the chaise and planted his bare feet on the deck. “Have I told you lately that you’re evil?”

“Not in the last two minutes.” Sommer parked himself on the chair between Dean’s thighs. He upended the sunblock bottle, squeezed a generous amount into his palm and rubbed his hands together. “Move the towel.”

Dean whipped the towel aside. It dropped onto the deck. Sommer took a moment to admire Dean’s hard, flushed cock with its snake-shaped plug circling beneath the flare of the glans and penetrating the slit. The jewelry gleamed silver in the sunlight. Grinning, Sommer slapped his palms to Dean’s chest.

Dean squealed. “Oh, crap, that’s cold!”

“Only for a minute, you big baby.” Sommer caught Dean’s nipples with his thumbs as he rubbed the lotion in. Leaning forward, he stifled Dean’s soft moans with his mouth. “It’s for your own good,” he murmured against Dean’s lips. “You don’t want to get sunburned.”

“I’m not going to get sunburned on my chest.” Dean’s fingers trailed up Sommer’s arms. “You should be putting that sunblock other places. Maybe places lower down, yeah?”

“Patience, love.” Sommer chuckled at Dean’s frustrated growl. “You have no one to blame but yourself, you know.” He rubbed the last of the sunblock into Dean’s lower belly, reached for the bottle and squeezed out another handful. He started working the white lotion into Dean’s arms and shoulders. “I’m a very jealous man.”

“Very insecure, you mean.”

“Jealous,” Sommer repeated. He gave the head of Dean’s cock a gentle flick, jarring the plug and eliciting a gasp-and-squirm combination that nearly had Sommer coming in his pants. He conjured a mental picture of the admittedly stunning woman Dean had molested with his eyes earlier and managed to get himself under control again. “You should know better than to stare at beautiful women when I’m right there with you.” He pretended to think while he rubbed the last of the sunblock into Dean’s nose and cheeks. “Unless… you wanted to be caught at it, and punished?”

“Are you kidding? I’m bisexual, Sommer. You know that. I can’t help noticing beautiful people of both sexes.”

Butter wouldn’t melt in his pretty little mouth. Sommer smiled. “Take off your sunglasses.”

Fair brows rose above the black shades. “Why?”

Because I want to see your eyes. Because you can never hide the truth from me when I can see into your eyes. “Because I said so.”

Dean swallowed. Without a word, he took off his sunglasses and laid them on the small glass table beside him. He squinted against the bright afternoon sun, but nothing could hide the need burning in his grey-green eyes.

Picking up the sunblock, Sommer poured a big white blob directly onto Dean’s left thigh. He ignored the indignant yelp Dean let out when the cold lotion hit his sun-warmed skin.

“You wanted to be punished.” Sommer scooped up some of the sunblock with his left hand and transferred it to Dean’s other leg. “Don’t even try to lie to me.”

Dean wrinkled his nose. “Okay, maybe I did.”

“I knew it.” Sommer started rubbing the lotion into Dean’s skin in long, slow strokes, each of which ended tantalizingly short of his groin. “Well, you got your wish, so I don’t know why you keep complaining.”

“Maybe because you keep on…” Dean trailed off, his whole body trembling when Sommer’s thumbs brushed his balls for a second. Sommer’s hands slid back down Dean’s legs, and he let out a tortured groan. “Oh my God. That, you evil tease. That is what I’m talking about. You undress me right out here on the fucking deck, you get me hard telling me all about how you’re gonna jerk me off out here to punish me for staring at that woman. That would’ve been fun. Or a paddling maybe. But noooooo. Instead of doing something fun, you spend a fucking hour touching me like this every few minutes and then stopping before I can come! Jesus Christ on a pogo stick, Sommer! Either get me off or let my goddamn dick deflate, okay? In what twisted little universe is this fun?”

Dean’s voice fairly dripped with wounded dignity. Sommer bit the insides of his cheeks. “It’s fun for me.” The incredulous stare he got in return snapped his control, and he laughed out loud. Leaning forward, he pressed a gentle kiss to Dean’s lips. “All right, sweetheart. Watching you come’ll be more fun that any punishment, anyway.”

A wide smile lit Dean’s face, and Sommer’s breath caught just like it always did when Dean smiled at him. “Can I jerk you off too?” Dean’s gaze dropped downward for a second before meeting Sommer’s again. “You’re almost as hard as me. I bet it won’t take long for you to come.”

Dean’s hand cupped Sommer’s balls through his swimsuit. Sommer blew out a shaky breath. “I guess that’s only fair.”

Snickering, Dean undid the laces holding the front of Sommer’s trunks together, reached in and fished out his cock and balls. “Uh-huh. Now you want to be fair.” He rolled Sommer’s testicles in his palm, let go and wrapped his fingers around Sommer’s shaft. His tongue flicked over Sommer’s lips. “C’mon, Sommer. Touch my cock already.”

“Say ‘please, Sir’.”

“Please, Sir Evil.”

Dean’s voice shook with a mixture of laughter and ragged lust. Sommer pinched Dean’s thigh, then kissed him to stifle his squeal. “Insubordinate whelp. I should go get that cock ring, the vibrating butt plug and the TENS unit and see how long I can make you hold out against that.”

The threat fell flat, since Sommer had his hand around Dean’s prick before he stopped talking, but he liked the way his words made Dean’s cheeks flush and his breathing speed up. Filing the idea away for future use, Sommer curled his free hand around the nape of Dean’s neck, sealed their mouths together once more and got down to the serious business of making Dean come.

It didn’t take long to bring Dean to the brink. Not that Sommer had expected anything else. After only a few strokes, Dean was rocking his hips as best he could and whimpering into Sommer’s mouth. His hand pumped Sommer’s cock in a graceless, punishing rhythm, and Sommer felt his own orgasm coiling inside him.

Breaking the kiss, Sommer rested his forehead against Dean’s and stared down at their hands stroking each other off. The sight sent a hot jolt through his blood.

Damned if he’d come before Dean, though. Not after he’d spent so much time and effort keeping the man on the knife edge of release. He tapped the top of the cock plug with his thumb, jostling it inside Dean’s prick, and that did it.

“Ooooh, oh fuck!” Dean came, shaking all over, one hand digging bruises into Sommer’s shoulder and the other spasming around his prick. Semen splattered Dean’s chest, chin and lips. He licked it off. “Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh.”

Sommer tried to hold out a little longer, just because, but the feel of Dean’s hand stroking his shaft and the sight of Dean dazed with orgasm was too much for him. He came staring straight into Dean’s sex-sated eyes.

I am the luckiest man in the world, he thought, stroking Dean’s damp hair away from his face as the aftershocks thumped through him.

A lazy smile curled Dean’s lips. “No. That would be me.”

It took Sommer a moment to realize he’d spoken out loud. Pure happiness flowed through him, warmer than the afternoon sunshine. Slipping both hands beneath Dean’s thighs, he draped Dean’s legs over his own and hauled Dean up to straddle his lap. Dean wrapped arms and legs around Sommer and gazed down at him, looking startled but pleased.

“Maybe we’re both lucky.” Sommer licked the semen from Dean’s chin. “I love you, sweetheart.”

Dean’s eyes softened and shone with the indefinable expression they wore only for Sommer, the look Sommer had fallen head over heels for the first time he’d seen it. “I love you too.” Dean framed Sommer’s face with his hands. “Kiss me, my Evil Overlord.”

Sommer laughed. “Like I said before, insubord—mmm…”

Dean’s lips and tongue silenced him, but that was okay. Sometimes, insubordination was a good thing.