Fun In The Sun


Starring Matt and Chris from the Love’s Evolution books.

Those books are no longer available due to the closing of Samhain Publishing. However, all the related free stories will remain up on my website. Hope y’all enjoy!


© Copyright 2011 Ally Blue


Matt Gallagher woke up on Saturday morning to sunshine for the first time in a week. The weather widget on his phone said he could expect more rain by mid-afternoon, so he grabbed his favorite noise canceling headphones, a bottle of sunblock, a mini-cooler of beer and his sunglasses and headed for the backyard to enjoy the sun and warmth while it lasted. May weather in Asheville was notoriously temperamental.

He lay half-dozing in the lounge chair, eyes closed and hands tucked behind his head, humming along with The Suburbs on his iPod, when someone tugged off his headphones. He opened his eyes, cut off the music and grinned up at a familiar face. “Hey, babe. How was the conference?”

“Wonderful. I learned a great deal and met some very important people in the restaurant business.” Matt’s husband, Chris Tucker, shook his head, lips quirking into a smile. “Dare I ask what in God’s name you’re doing?”

Matt plastered on his very best innocent look. “Just enjoying the first sunny day in, like, forever.”

“Yes, I see that.” Chris gave him a slow, thorough, smoldering once-over. “You’re naked, dear.”

Matt snickered. “No way.”

Sighing, Chris sat on the edge of Matt’s chair, leaned forward and kissed the end of his nose. “I’ve been away for three days. You’re lying here naked. I think you should give me a proper welcome home.”

The hint of a growl in Chris’s voice did interesting things to Matt’s insides. Not to mention his outsides. He wove his fingers into Chris’s hair and angled his head to kiss him slow and deep. Chris moaned, one hand on Matt’s cheek and the other splayed over his heart.

When the kiss broke, Matt rested his forehead against Chris’s, panting. “Don’t ever leave for three days again.”

Chris laughed. “Shall we retire to the bedroom?”

“We shall not.” Taking Chris’s hand, Matt planted it on his cock. Chris’s fingers curled around Matt’s hard shaft, and Matt fought to hang onto his ability to speak. “Oh, Jesus.”

Okay, so he didn’t do that well with the speaking thing. They’d been together long enough for Chris to understand him anyway.

Chris’s smile widened into a wicked grin. “Are you trying to tell me you’d like to make love out here?” He flicked Matt’s Prince Albert piercing with his thumb.

Matt canted his hips upward in a way he knew Chris would recognize as a yes. Chuckling, Chris bent to nuzzle Matt’s neck. “What about the neighbors?”

“Why’d we build that huge-ass privacy fence?” Matt spread his legs, planted his feet on the ground on either side of the chair and thrust his groin hard against Chris’s palm. “C’mon.”

Still grinning, Chris sat up straight, reached into his suit jacket—the perfectly tailored black one with just a hint of dark green to it that brought out the color of Chris’s eyes and made strangers turn to stare at him as he passed—and took out a trial sized bottle of liquid lube. “Take off those sunglasses.”

Matt tore the shades off his face and threw them on the grass. The sun made him squint, but he didn’t give a shit. Chris liked to look him in the eye when he came. “You planned this,” Matt accused, pointing at the lube.

“I’ll remind you that I’m not the one sunbathing in the nude.” Chris flipped open the bottle, poured a little fluid into his hand, snapped the cap shut again and stuck it back in his pocket. He spread the lube around his palm with his fingers. “You knew I’d be home today.”

“Yeah, okay, but—“ Chris’s hand closed over Matt’s cock, his grip warm and firm and slippery, and ohGodohGod what were they just talking about? Matt hummed, his hips lifting and his head lolling back against the chair. “Uh. Oh. Oh, yeah, babe, just like that.”

One of the mile-long list of things Matt loved about Chris was, he knew when to shut up and get down to business. His eyes went heavy-lidded and hot, his grip on Matt’s prick changed from teasing to getting-Matt-off-now serious and his free hand came up to cup the back of Matt’s head. He leaned down, lips parting.

Matt arched up to meet Chris’s kiss. He kept a death grip on Chris’s hair with one hand and fumbled for the button of his suit pants with the other. Chris scooted his groin deftly out of reach without breaking the kiss or his hold on Matt’s cock.

Irritated, frantic with lust and impressed in spite of himself, Matt tried again. Chris let go of his cock long enough to smack his hand. “Later,” Chris murmured against Matt’s mouth. “When we get inside, I’m going to fuck you until your legs stop working.” He trailed his fingertips over Matt’s tight and aching balls, making him suck in a sharp breath, then curled his fingers around Matt’s shaft again. “At the moment, however, I want you to keep your hands to yourself and hold still until you’re ready to come.” He traced the line of Matt’s lower lip with the tip of his tongue. “You may move then, if you wish.”

Maybe it was because they’d been apart for three days. Maybe it was the command in Chris’s voice, something he knew Matt liked but hardly ever did. Maybe it was the fact that Matt was lying there bare-assed naked and fighting not to squirm in the grip of his need while Chris sat beside him, cool as a goddamn popsicle, fully dressed—in a suit no less—jerking him off in their backyard in front of Jesus and his dead granny and probably some of their more enterprising neighbors, in spite of the seven-foot privacy fence.

Maybe a combination of the three.

Whatever the reason, Matt came not thirty seconds later. He hung onto Chris with all his strength and moaned into Chris’s mouth, his eyes screwed tightly shut, while his orgasm thumped through him.

As usual, Chris read his body language well enough to let go before he got too sensitive. Matt opened his eyes in time to watch Chris stick his fingers in his mouth one by one to clean off the semen.

“Damn, it’s sexy when you do that.” Matt took Chris’s hand, brought it to his own mouth and licked some of his own fluids from the palm.

“Mmm.” Chris caressed the corner of Matt’s mouth with his thumb. His green eyes burned. “Now, my love, we are going up to our bedroom, and we are going to spend the afternoon in bed together. How does that sound?”

“That sounds awesome.” Matt ran his fingers through Chris’s neat black hair with its little bit of gray sprinkled here and there. “Don’t ever go away to a conference again. I miss you too much.”

Chris’s expression softened. “I missed you too.” He bent, planted a gentle kiss on Matt’s lips, then pushed to his feet and held a hand down. “Come along, sweetheart.”

Matt let Chris pull him to his feet. They headed inside arm in arm. Matt laid his head on Chris’s shoulder with a smile. He loved a warm spring afternoon outdoors. But he loved his man even more.