Bo’s Halloween Treat


Starring Sam and Bo from the Bay City Paranormal Investigations series.

Those books are no longer available due to the closing of Samhain Publishing. However, all the related free stories will remain up on my website. Hope y’all enjoy!


© Copyright 2008 Ally Blue

Bo dropped onto the sofa with a sigh. “Finally. I’m beat.”

“Me too.” Sam plopped down beside Bo and rested his head against the back of the couch. “I love Halloween, and I really do enjoy taking the boys Trick Or Treating, but it’s exhausting trying to keep up with those two.”

“It certainly is.” Bo leaned against Sam’s shoulder. “Is it wrong that I’m sort of glad they had that church lock-in tonight?”

“I hope not, because I’m kind of glad myself.” Twisting in his seat, Sam laid a hand on Bo’s cheek and kissed him. “As much as I love the boys, I’m really looking forward to having you to myself for a while.”

Bo’s heart gave a happy little lurch. “I’m been looking forward to that myself, actually.”

“Good, because I have plans for you.”

The seductive growl in Sam’s voice made Bo’s pulse speed up. He licked his lips. “What kind of plans?”

An evil grin spread over Sam’s face. “Stay right there.”

Bo watched, amused and more than a little turned on, as Sam jumped up and trotted down the short hallway of their apartment to their bedroom. He emerged a moment later with two wide strips of black cloth. Bo eyed them with a mix of caution and curiosity. “Okay, Sam, exactly what do these plans of yours involve?”

The evil grin widened. “You remember last week, when you wanted me to tie you up?”

Bo’s cheeks heated. Sometimes, the things he blurted out during sex embarrassed him horribly later on. Even if they were true.

“I remember.” Bo glanced at the lengths of cloth in Sam’s fist. “So…”

“So, now you get your wish. If you still want it.”

Bo studied Sam’s face. The grin remained, along with a wicked sparkle in those gray eyes, but Bo saw the question underlying the playfulness. If he didn’t feel ready for this, Sam wouldn’t push it, and wouldn’t resent Bo for ruining his surprise.

Luckily for them both, Bo did want it. More than ever. Just the idea of being helpless in Sam’s hands made his cock swell against his zipper.

Rising to his feet, Bo laid his hands on Sam’s hips, pulled him close and pressed a lingering kiss to his lips. “Do it.”

Sam’s breath hitched. “Turn around.”

Bo obediently spun to face the sofa. Soft black cotton brushed his face. He shut his eyes. The cloth was wound twice around his head and tied at the back, holding his eyelids firmly shut.

Hands gripped his shoulders, turning him once more. Sam’s fingers brushed his face and trailed down his throat, then started undoing the buttons on his shirt. Bo let out a soft moan when Sam slipped the shirt off and circled both nipples with his thumbs.

“Mmmm. I like that sound.” Sam’s cheek brushed Bo’s, his breath tickling Bo’s ear. “Take your shoes off.”

Holding onto Sam’s arms for balance, Bo toed off his sneakers. He gasped when Sam’s lips brushed a trail down his belly. “Sam…”

“Shhhh.” Bo felt his jeans being undone and shoved to his knees along with his underwear. “Hold on to me, and lift up your right leg.”

Bo did as he was told, swaying on one foot then the other so Sam could pull off his pants and boxer-briefs. An appreciative hum sounded from the region of Bo’s groin. Sam’s tongue painted a wet stripe up the underside of Bo’s stiffening cock, and he squeaked.

Sam hummed again, kissed Bo’s left hipbone and stood up. “Put your hands behind your back.”

Breathing hard now, Bo did as Sam said. He heard Sam’s soft footfalls, felt the brush of Sam’s shirt on his bare skin as Sam circled around behind him. The second strip of cloth was wound around his wrists and tied off, snug enough that he couldn’t move but not tight enough to be uncomfortable.

“Is this all right?” Sam breathed in Bo’s ear. “Tell me if it’s too tight.”

Bo shook his head. “It’s fine.”

“Good.” Strong arms circled Bo’s waist, and a soft kiss branded the sensitive spot behind his ear. “Don’t move. I’ll be right back.”

His power of speech utterly destroyed, Bo nodded. He bit back a whimper of loss when Sam’s warmth drew away from his back. He could hear Sam’s footsteps treading away from him, toward the bedroom. At least he thought that’s where Sam was going. It was so hard to be sure, deprived of sight and lightheaded with arousal as he was.

Bo knew it couldn’t have been more than a couple of minutes before he once again heard the floorboards squeak under Sam’s weight, but it felt like ages. Something about being forced to wait naked, bound and blindfolded made time slow to a crawl.

Not that Bo minded. Anticipation had him achingly erect and shaking with barely-contained need. Whatever Sam was about to do to him, Bo wanted it.

Sam’s rasping, breathless chuckle told Bo his arousal had been noticed. “Anxious?”

“Y…Yes.” A single fingertip circled the head of Bo’s prick. He gasped, fighting to stay upright. “Sam. Please.”

Sam didn’t answer, but his ragged breathing gave away the extent of his excitement. Sam’s fingers trailed across Bo’s chest, up over his shoulder and around to the back of his neck. Bo felt a tug on his braid, and realized Sam had removed the rubber band and was busy unwinding Bo’s waist-length hair.

Bo let out a soft laugh. Sam had always had a thing for his hair.

The laughter morphed into a yelp when Sam loosened the last of Bo’s braid, grabbed his nipples and twisted them hard. “Get on your knees,” Sam ordered. An amused lilt threaded through the raw lust in his voice. His arm went around Bo’s waist. “One knee at a time. I’ve got you.”

With Sam’s help, Bo knelt on the floor. His pulse pounded in his skull and his mouth had gone bone dry. He had no idea what sorts of twisted pleasures Sam had planned for him, but he trusted Sam absolutely. He could give up all control without fear, knowing Sam would never hurt him. It was a powerful feeling.

He felt Sam kneel beside him, one hand on his chest and the other hooked through his elbow. “Bend over and spread your legs a little.”

Heat jolted through Bo’s groin and up his spine. Trusting Sam to support him, he bent forward until his cheek rested against the cool wood of the floorboards. He let his knees slide apart and waited, tremors racing along his skin. It felt deliciously dirty to kneel here like this, ass in the air and rigid cock dripping on the floor.

He heard a click, a short silence followed by another click, then two slick fingers breached his entrance and he moaned. “Oh, God. Yes.”

“Mmm.” The fingers pumped in and out a few times, brushing his prostate in a teasing caress that made sweat break out along his spine. “I bet I could make you come just with my fingers in your ass.”

God, yes. Bo moaned his agreement.

Sam let out a low, needy sound. His fingers withdrew from Bo’s hole. “Maybe another time. Tonight, I’m going to make you come without even being touched.”

Before Bo could gather his scattered wits enough to wonder what in the hell that meant, something large, hard and unyielding nudged at his hole. It pushed relentlessly inward, opening him wider than he’d have thought possible. He shuddered and gnawed his lip. Sam would stop if he asked, but he didn’t want to stop. Not when it made him feel so fucking good.

At last, the pressure eased and Bo felt the cool, smooth press of the plug’s base against his ass. He clenched his hole around it a couple of times, getting used to the feeling of being stretched and full.

“God, Bo. You should see yourself right now.” Sam’s hands shook as they circled Bo’s waist again. “Up.”

Bo straightened up, Sam’s arms around him keeping him steady. The butt plug felt heavy and alien inside him. He swayed a bit when Sam stood and moved in front of him. Sam’s sharp, musky scent flooded his brain, making his mouth water.

A hand clenched in his hair. Then the toy inside him began to vibrate, and Bo let out a wild cry. “Sam. Fuck. Fuck.”

“Remote control is a wonderful thing.” The head of Sam’s cock brushed Bo’s lips. “Open up.”

Bo opened wide, and Sam’s prick plunged deep. Bo relaxed his throat and gulped Sam down. He would have moaned in sheer ecstasy if he could’ve gotten his breath. With that evil toy massaging his gland and Sam’s cock fucking his mouth, Bo felt a heartbeat away from shattering like fine crystal.

“Fuck, yeah,” Sam panted. His grip on Bo’s hair tightened to the point of pain. “So fucking hot, Bo. Want you to come like this, just like this, with your hands tied and your eyes blindfolded, kneeling at my feet with that toy in your ass and my cock in your mouth. Come on, Bo. Let me see you come.”

The irresistible command in Sam’s voice did it. Bo’s back arched under the force of his orgasm, his entire body going rigid as if he’d been hit with an electric current.

Above him, Sam groaned. Hot, slick semen hit the back of Bo’s tongue. He swallowed instinctively, his brain still reeling from his own release.

When Sam pulled back, Bo nearly fell over. Sam’s arms caught him and held on, pulling him against Sam’s warm, bare chest. Bo dimly realized that Sam must’ve knelt down beside him. He buried his face in Sam’s neck and breathed in the scent of his skin.

Bo wasn’t sure how much time passed before the buzzing in his rectum started to become uncomfortable. He squirmed in Sam’s embrace. “Could you turn that thing off now?”

Sam laughed. “Sure. Sorry, I’d forgotten all about it.”

“Hm, well, I hadn’t.” Bo sighed in relief when the vibrations stopped. “Not that I didn’t enjoy it. I did. Very much.”

“Yeah, I could tell.” Sam reached around Bo’s body to untie his wrists. “Pretty intense, huh?”

“That’s one way to put it, yes. There’s nothing quite like coming with a cock in your mouth and a toy up your ass.” His hands free, Bo pulled off the blindfold. He smiled at Sam’s flushed and dazed expression. “You are a very kinky man, Sam.”

“Says the guy who gave me the idea.” Sam cradled the back of Bo’s head in one hand and slipped the other arm around his waist. “Happy Halloween, Bo.”

“Happy Halloween to you, too.” Bo looped his arms around Sam’s neck. “Care for a taste of the treat you just gave me?”

Grinning, Sam tilted Bo’s head back and fused their mouths together. Bo opened to him, sharing the spunk that still coated his tongue. He felt peaceful, content and utterly cherished. Sam always made him feel that way.

Happy Halloween indeed.