Hello, readers. Due to the closing of Samhain Publishing, most of my series books are no longer available. Hopefully this will be a temporary situation. I want to see all of these books re-published, either by me or by another publisher. I’ve begun this process with the BCPI series (see links below). Thanks for your interest! Stay tuned…

Bay City Paranormal Investigations Series

Mojo Mysteries Series

  • book 1: Love, Like Ghosts
  • book 2: Demon Dog
  • book 3: A Ghost Most Elusive
  • book 4: Myth Adventures

Hellscape Series

  • book 1: Hell’s End
  • book 2: Hell On Earth

Mother Earth Series

  • book 1: Dragon’s Kiss
  • book 2: Shenandoah
  • book 3: Convergence

Love’s Evolutions series

  • book 1: Love’s Evolution
  • book 2: Life, Love and Lemon Cookies

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