Starring Adrian and Greg from Love, Like Ghosts and the Mojo Mysteries series.

Those books are no longer available due to the closing of Samhain Publishing. However, all the related free stories will remain up on my website. Hope y’all enjoy!


© Copyright 2011 Ally Blue


Adrian Broussard unlocked the apartment door, dropped his bags just over the threshold and headed straight for the sofa. “Oh, my God. I don’t think I’ve ever been so tired in my life.”

“No kidding.” Adrian’s boyfriend, Greg Woodhall, kicked the door shut and set his bags beside Adrian’s. He kicked off his sneakers, then crossed the room and plopped himself down on top of Adrian. “Damn, it feels good to lie down.” He squirmed, causing a stir of interest in Adrian’s groin in spite of his exhaustion. “Lumpy, though.”

“Wouldn’t be so lumpy if you’d lie somewhere other than right on top of me.”

“Wouldn’t have to lie on top of you if you wouldn’t hog the whole sofa.”

“Point.” Adrian grabbed Greg’s butt in both hands to hold him still. Or at least that’s what he told himself, though he couldn’t pretend not to enjoy the feel of dance-honed muscle under the soft, well-worn denim of Greg’s favorite jeans. “This was an interesting Christmas, huh?”

He got a snort of laughter against his neck in answer. “That’s one way to put it.”

Adrian nuzzled Greg’s hair, grinning. “I like your family.”

Lifting his head, Greg pinned Adrian with a skeptical look. “Don’t lie.”

“I’m not!”

Greg’s eyebrow’s shot toward his hairline. “My mom recommended therapy and my dad threatened to write us into a novel because of all the PDA.”

“That was totally your fault.”

My fault?”

“Yes.” Adrian used his psychokinesis to skate non-corporeal fingertips up Greg’s spine, which silenced his impending protest just like Adrian knew it would. “You kept cozying up to me all the time. How am I supposed to ignore that? At least your dad thought it was sweet.” He took one hand off Greg’s ass to point an accusing finger in his face. “And you told your mom I could talk to ghosts. If it weren’t for Sam calling to talk to her, she would’ve been sending the guys in the white coats after both of us, and don’t think you wouldn’t’ve been first.”

Greg had the good grace to look shamefaced. “I’d love to say you’re wrong, but you’re not.” He dropped his head onto Adrian’s chest with a yawn. “What the hell were we thinking, Adrian? Visiting both families for Christmas? In a week? We’re fucking nuts.”

Adrian laughed. “It seemed like a good idea at the time.”

Indeed, back in September when they’d come up with the idea, it had seemed like the perfect solution to the problem of which of their families to visit at Christmas. They’d toyed with the thought of staying in Chapel Hill and having their own private Christmas, just the two of them, but they’d both agreed neither of them were ready to give up spending time with their families on that particular holiday. However, they didn’t want to be apart either. So they’d decided to take a week and drive first to Goldsboro to see Greg’s family, then to Mobile to see Adrian’s family.

They’d been very pleased with themselves for solving the problem so neatly, and the week had been a wonderful one as far as visiting their loved ones and old friends. What neither of them had anticipated was the exhaustion factor.

“It wasn’t a bad idea, exactly, but…” Greg yawned again. “Let’s not ever do that again, okay?”

“Agreed.” Lifting Greg’s chin, Adrian pressed a kiss to his lips. “So, how tired are you, exactly?”

“Totally worn out. I doubt I can even get up off the couch right now.” Greg touched Adrian’s cheek. “Sorry.”

Looking into Greg’s wide, sincere gray eyes, Adrian admired his acting skills for the umpteenth time. He raked his fingers through Greg’s untidy curls. “If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were telling the truth.”

Greg blinked twice in rapid succession—one of his few completely reliable tells, not that Adrian would ever let him know that—confirming Adrian’s suspicion. As if he’d had any doubt in the first place. “What do you mean? I am telling the truth.”

“Of course you are.” Adrian kissed him again, because those gorgeous, tempting lips were right there. “Okay, then. You stay here if you want. I’m going to bed.”

A flash of uncertainty passed over Greg’s features, even though he had to know Adrian wasn’t going any such place. “Wait, wh—“

“Night.” Hooking his hands beneath Greg’s armpits, Adrian heaved him up and over to the side, then pushed to his feet. “See you in the morning.”

He’d barely gotten to the bedroom door before Greg’s footsteps came thudding up behind him. “C’mon, Adrian, you know I wasn’t serious.”

“Yeah. I know.” Adrian whirled and stopped Greg in his tracks with a blast of psychokinetic power. He grinned at the mingled irritation and heat glittering in Greg’s eyes. “Relax, Greg. I know how to play this game.”

“Good.” Greg’s voice emerged low, rough and breathless. “I wasn’t sure there for a minute.”

“Yes, you were.” Adrian sidled closer, slipped an arm around Greg’s waist and gave his ass a squeeze. “You know damn well I always know when you want me to mojo you.”

All the sweet, luscious evil in Greg’s soul shone through in his grin. “Busted.”

“Mm-hm.” A thought from Adrian popped open the button on Greg’s jeans and lowered the zipper, slowly enough to have Greg panting and hard by the time Adrian’s power got the jeans and underwear down around Greg’s ankles. Adrian swiped his thumb across the head of Greg’s cock. Greg whimpered, and Adrian felt his own body respond. He bent to nip Greg’s earlobe. “Seems to me you’re trying to get me to play rough with you.”

A soft laugh shook Greg’s chest, turning into a moan when Adrian sucked hard at the sensitive spot beneath his jaw. “Is it working?”

In answer, Adrian silently summoned the string of lights they hadn’t used on the tree because several of the bulbs were burned out and used them to psychokinetically bind Greg’s arms behind his back. He lifted his head in time to see Greg swallow hard. His stare bored straight into Adrian’s skull, challenging him to up the ante.

Adrian wasn’t exactly into this whole scene—neither of them were, really—but what the hell. Taking a step back, he focused his powers as hard and tight as he could, sliced Greg’s ancient sweatshirt right down the front and ripped it away to expose his chest.

Greg let out a helpless little oh. Adrian reached out and brushed his power over Greg’s bare skin, never once breaking eye contact. “You tell me. Is it working?”

Greg’s mouth opened, but nothing came out. Adrian smiled. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

He looked around the apartment, considering his options. The sofa was nice—Greg had even stashed a bottle of lube under it—but there wasn’t much room. The rug in front of their small Christmas tree, maybe? It had possibilities, but Adrian felt like he’d rather leave the whole kneeling-on-the-floor thing for a time when he wasn’t so tired. Greg would probably appreciate a more forgiving surface under his back. Or his knees and face, depending on what position Adrian picked for him.

“Bed,” Adrian decided out loud. He slipped both arms around Greg, who promptly attempted to rub against him. He laughed. “Stop that. Get out of your jeans and underwear. We’re going to the bedroom.”

Greg obediently stepped out of the denim and black cotton tangled around his feet. “Hurry up. I’m dying to get your cock up my ass.”

Adrian shook his head, though the mental picture—not to mention memories of precisely that—made him move faster in spite of his contrary determination not to. “You’re not very good at this whole being submissive thing, are you?”

“What, you expected something else?” Adrian gave Greg’s butt a hard smack, and he yelped. “Ow. What was that for?”

“Because you’ve needed a spanking since the day we met.” Adrian glanced down. Greg’s cock stood out rigid and flushed, and Adrian grinned. “I think maybe you need to get your ass smacked more often.”

“Maybe.” Greg licked his lips. His cheeks were flushed, the color spreading down his neck to his chest. “But right now this pushy bottom wants to get fucked.”

“Pushy is right.” Adrian swatted Greg’s ass again, because they both knew he liked it, then turned him and pushed the backs of his thighs against the foot of the bed. “Stay there and be still.”

“But I want—“

“I know what you want, and you’ll get it if you’re patient.” Adrian held up his hand to catch the three strands of green garland he’d summoned from their various spots around the apartment. “Right now, I really need you to do what I say, or I swear I’ll gag you.”

For a second, Greg’s expression waged an open war between indignation and interest. In the end, interest won. He pressed his lips together and stared at Adrian with a crystal clear get on with it in his eyes.

Adrian was quite pleased to get on with it. Dropping the garlands on the bed, he plucked the shortest one from the pile and wound it lightly but securely around the base of Greg’s balls.

Greg moaned, his legs visibly shaking. “Shit. Do you know what you’re doing down there?”

Adrian thought about reminding Greg of the gag threat, but decided against it. The safety of a guy’s privates was always a legitimate reason for concern, so he could hardly complain about Greg speaking up.

“Well, I’ve never done it before. Which is why this is just for decoration.” He slipped a finger easily beneath the garland wrap. “See? It’s plenty loose.” Kneeling at Greg’s feet, he ran his fingertips over Greg’s tightly drawn testicles and up the shaft of his cock. “Looks a lot better around your balls than it did tied around that old wine bottle anyway.”

“It was a centerpiece.” Greg groaned deep in his chest when Adrian mouthed the head of his prick, tonguing the slit, then pulled away. “Motherfucker.”

Snickering, Adrian ran his palms up and down Greg’s thighs. “Language.”

“Bite me, you tease. And I do not mean that literally,” he added with a warning look.

“I didn’t do anything.”

“Not yet.”

“Trust me.” Adrian leaned in and planted a kiss on Greg’s belly, then climbed to his feet. “Now get on the bed. On your knees, facing the wall.”

Greg’s face lit up like a kid with a brand new ImmersionSpace system and a lifetime’s worth of gameworlds to play in. “Now you’re talking. Help me up.”

Pushy. Smiling, Adrian waited until Greg turned around, then helped him climb onto his knees on the bed. “Bend over.”

No arguments this time, just swift compliance. Greg grinned and wiggled his butt. “Hey.”

How on earth Greg managed to look both cute and in control with his ass in the air, his arms bound behind him and his cheek pressed to the mattress, Adrian had no clue, but there it was. And that didn’t even take into account the Christmas garland around his balls.

Adrian did his best to look stern in spite of the laughter threatening to bubble up out of him any second. “Be still, will you? God, I feel sorry for your mom if you were even half this squirmy when you were a kid.”

“Ew.” Greg scrunched up his nose. “Not a good time to be mentioning my mom.”

“Then hold still, and I won’t think things like that.”

Adrian lifted a long green garland with his mind, wound one end around Greg’s thigh just above the knee, and tied the other end to the bed frame. He used the last garland to tether Greg’s other leg. They weren’t exactly secure bonds. Greg could easily break them whenever he wanted. Adrian knew he wouldn’t, though. The makeshift ropes gave him the illusion of being bound with his legs forced apart, but with the power to take back his freedom at any time.

The whole thing was very Greg. Never mind that Adrian had done the binding. Greg was running the show, and they both knew it.

Filled with a sudden surge of warmth for his lover, Adrian spread a palm over the curve of Greg’s back, leaned down and pressed a tender kiss to his right hip. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Greg twisted his upper body enough to pin Adrian with a half-sweet, half-smoldering look. “Now make with the sex, before I get a cramp.”

“Don’t rush me.” Moving behind Greg and therefore out of his range of vision, Adrian smoothed both palms over the lovely rump on display in front of him. “I’ve never had you tied up like this before. Don’t think for a second I’m not gonna take the time to enjoy it.”

Greg made a show of grumbling, but it sounded halfhearted at best. Grinning, Adrian gave Greg’s cock a light smack, making him squeal. “You love it. Don’t try to fake with me, mister actor.”

All he got in answer was a tortured moan. He resisted the urge to pump his fist in the air and holler yes! He might not be the most dignified pretend master-type on the block, but he could at least act his age.

The thing about Greg’s sexy little noise, though, was that it did nothing good for Adrian’s determination to take things slowly.

So what? said his inner voice, as he eyed Greg’s ass with weakening resolve. You both want to do it. Why not just do it already?

His inner voice made good sense. Planting a hand on each firm, gorgeous ass cheek, Adrian spread them wide and leaned in to have a taste of the sweet little hole in between.

“Ooooh, oh fuck!” Greg pressed backward into Adrian’s grip in an obvious attempt to get Adrian’s tongue deeper inside him. “God…dammit. Fuck, yes.”

Adrian hummed low in his throat. He loved making Greg curse and squirm and lose himself in the moment. Not that it was all that difficult most of the time, but Adrian wasn’t in it for the challenge.

He worked both thumbs inside Greg’s hole and massaged the rim, plunging his tongue in and out, in and out, until the taut muscles began to loosen.

It didn’t take long. As often as they fucked, Greg’s ass tended to give Adrian’s prick—and fingers, and tongue, and the occasional toy—a wide-open welcome at this point.

Resting one cheek against Greg’s butt, Adrian curled a hand around Greg’s cock and squeezed, just to hear the soft, needy noise he made. “I love the way your ass opens up for me. Like it knows who you belong to.” He stuck two fingers up Greg’s ass and curled them at the right angle to hit his gland and make him shake. “It’s like you want me to fuck you or something.” He twisted his fingers. Spread them apart. Found Greg’s gland again and rubbed circles on it until Greg oh-oh-oooohhh’ed. “Do you want me to fuck you?”

“You are an evil, evil tease.” Greg rocked backward. Forward. Backward again. Alternately forcing Adrian’s fingers deep inside him and shoving his prick harder into Adrian’s grip. “Fuck. Do it.”

Much as he’d love to be all suave and come up with a convincing reason to keep the pace slow for a while longer, Adrian couldn’t. His heart thudded a mile a minute with barely restrained need, his cock strained at his zipper and even his practical side had gotten in on the act, telling him that the sooner he and Greg both got off, the sooner they could get some much needed sleep.

Adrian undressed in record time and knelt on mattress behind Greg, the bottle of lube in hand. He slicked up, grasped his cock in one hand and Greg’s hip in the other and plunged his prick deep inside Greg’s grasping warmth.

They both groaned. Adrian fell forward onto one hand and took Greg’s cock in the other. “God. Greg.”

“Yeah.” Greg wriggled beneath Adrian. “Adrian. Fuck me.”

At first, Adrian did pretty well coordinating the rhythm of his thrusts with the strokes of his hand. As often happened, though, he got clumsier as the excitement swelled and grew inside him. Finally he gave up on trying to fuck Greg and jerk him off at the same time and let his psychokinesis take over stroking Greg’s cock.

The instant the electric energy of Adrian’s mind coiled around his shaft, Greg let out a keening wail. His body shivered, his hands clenched into fists. Grasping Greg’s hips, Adrian pounded into him hard and fast, aiming to nail his gland every time. Greg came within a few thrusts, moaning oh God oh God over and over into the crumpled bedclothes. His ass clamped down on Adrian’s cock, wrenching his orgasm from him along with a near-silent gasp.

Part of Adrian wanted to leave Greg tied up while he basked in the afterglow. But since the end result of that would likely be shredded garlands and possibly a few cuts from broken Christmas lights, he took the time to psychokinetically unwind Greg’s bonds before crawling up to the middle of the mattress and collapsing onto his back.

Greg cuddled against his side after tossing aside the garlands and the string of lights. “Oh my God. That? Was amazing.”

“It really was.” Adrian wrapped both arms around Greg, pulled him close and kissed him. “I like how you look all tied up for me.”

“Good, because we’re doing that again sometime. Especially this part.” Greg twisted his hips sideways, spread his legs and lifted his balls. The garland, now streaked with semen, was still tied around them.

Adrian laughed. “I forgot to take that off. Sorry.”

“Oh come on, I’m perfectly capable of taking it off myself, if I want. I just didn’t want to. I like how it feels.”

“Well, you can’t leave it on all night.”

“I know that. I promise I’ll take it off before I go to sleep.” Grinning, Greg pinched Adrian’s nipple. “It’s hot when you’re all responsible like that.”

“You’re weird. But I love you anyway.” Adrian yawned. “Damn. I’m beat.”

Greg laid a hand on Adrian’s cheek, gray eyes shining. “Sleep, then.”

“But, the bags and all…” Adrian’s eyelids drifted downward. He dragged them back up. God, he should’ve known post-sex languor would set in and worsen his exhaustion ten-fold. “And I need to brush my teeth. And clean up.” He cupped his sticky privates.

“Your teeth won’t fall out if you skip a night, and you know damn well your dick won’t fall off if you don’t wash it. Nothing but lube and spunk on there anyway. And the bags? Come on. They’re not going anywhere.” Greg stroked his fingertips down Adrian’s cheek and over the corner of his jaw. “Go to sleep.”

Adrian was already drifting by the time Greg finishing talking. This time, he didn’t fight it. As he sank toward sleep, he felt the gentle press of Greg’s lips on his and heard Greg murmur love you against his cheek.

The last week might’ve been tiring and difficult in a lot of ways, but Adrian had no desire to complain. He had love, fun and absolute trust all in one beautiful, intelligent, adventurous package. What more could he want?

He fell asleep with a smile on his face and his man in his arms.