The Happy Onion: now available for pre-order

That’s right, y’all. My hot & sexy romantic comedy The Happy Onion — previously published by Samhain Publishing and gently reworked for self-publication by yours truly — is now available for pre-order via all the usual channels. Scheduled release date is Sunday July 30th 2017.

This is a second edition and not substantially different from the original edition. Just fyi. 

Liberal vegan meets corporate carnivore. What could possibly go wrong?

Phil Sorrells is a liberal vegan with a popular restaurant and a thing for aggressive little blonds. Thom Stone is an aggressive little blond with corporate ambitions and a fierce temper. The attraction between them is immediate, and the sex is explosive. But when they climb out of bed long enough to talk, they learn how different they really are. So how do they navigate the ideological minefield separating them to find common ground? Very carefully.

© Copyright 1st edition 2008 Ally Blue

© Copyright 2nd edition 2017 Ally Blue