Big Gay Fiction Giveaway



Who wants a free novel, short story, or sample chapter? That’s right, you do! For a limited time — November 20 through 27 — eighty plus authors of gay fiction (including yours truly) are giving away some awesome freebies. Go to the Big Gay Fiction Giveaway page and click on the cover for the story you want. The link will take you to the InstaFreebie page for the free book/story/chapter. Fill in your name and email, and InstaFreebie sends you your free story. That’s it. Get as many freebies as you want, there’s no limit. You’ll be signed up for the author’s newsletter when you give your email; it says so on InstaFreebie, but I wanted to put it out there just so we’re clear. For those of you already signed up for my newsletter, if you get my freebie (my short story That Voodoo) InstaFreebie will send you the story but you will NOT be signed up for my newsletter twice. You’ll only get it the one time. So no worries there 🙂

I’ve looked over the list of freebies, and there are some truly excellent books and stories on offer here. Don’t miss out, y’all! Believe me, I’m gonna be grabbing some freebies and newsletters myself!